Aurora (2018)

PG Horror1 hr 50 min
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Female lead 4
Nail-biting Thriller 2
Amazing Visual Effects 2
Story 1
Hilarious 1
Thought-Provoking 1
A young woman is set to find the dead bodies of the passengers of the ship Aurora which crashed in their hometown's rocky shores.
Main Cast
Anne Curtis
Released By
Viva Films
TV Show Airtimes
5:15 PM - 7:15 PMOctober 31, 2021
Ratings & Reviews
  • J
    Worst horror movie of the year, there are so many questions in this movie. Did Anne watched the film? Mukhang tanga yung storya, tanga lang talaga maniniwala sa pelikula niyo at magsasabing maganda.
  • B
    Plot is not commendable. Acting is quite decent in normal scenes but in times of tension, it seems that Ann is quite off with her body and facial language. Music was great that fits in the contemporary times. In cinematography, camera angles are quite fine, however, effects are just a zero point one level higher to that crappy Viktor Magtanggol. I'd still say "Yes" if Ann Curtis would ask me out.

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