Manila (2009)

R-13 Drama 1 hr 30 min


Two stories set in bleeding heart of Manila. A drug addict attempts to get his act together, rebuilding his life and reconnecting with the people who care about him. A bodyguard makes a fatal mistake, leaving him to hide in the darkness lying deep in the soul of the city.
Main Cast
Piolo Pascual  •  Rosanna Roces  •  Jay Manalo  •  Alessandra de Rossi  •  Anita Linda  •  William Martinez  •  Angelica Panganiban  •  Baron Geisler  •  Menggie Cobarrubias  •  Marissa Delgado  •  Jiro Manio  •  Aleck Bovick  •  John Lapus  •  Katherine Luna  •  Cherrie Madrigal
Film Producer
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Released By
Star Cinema

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