My 2 Mommies (2018)

PG Comedy1 hr 42 min
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An accidental affair leads to an extraordinary story of a unique family set up where the two characters play mother to the same child.
Main Cast
Solenn Heussaff, Paolo Ballesteros, Maricel Soriano
Released By
Regal Entertainment Inc.
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    This movie’s story maybe simple and direct to the point but the whole scenario of tackling family issues and gender issues seems to melt the heart because it was fast-paced. You are still trying to get over a heart-felt scene or still want to continue laugh hard but can’t. You are forced to move-on fast and choose to root for characters but it worked as a whole for the movie because of the cast and how their acting is believable. Thanks to the director, the movie had a smooth flow in the story and the epiphany at the end will somehow ease all your worries.

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