Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

R-16 Action, Adventure | 2 hrs
5.0 - critic's rating |
4.0 - user rating | 6 reviews
Action-packed (1) Great Fight Scenes (1)
In a future where all civilization has fallen apart, a pair of rebels team up on a quest to cross the harsh, barren desert to a home that may no longer be there.
Main Cast
Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult
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Released By
Warner Bros. Pictures

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02:22 Mad Max: Fury Road - Legacy Video Warner Bros. Pictures has just released an online “legacy” video for “Mad Max: Fury Road” that traces the evolution of the Max Mad franchise, from Mel Gibson passing the proverbial torch to Tom Hardy.  The video may be viewed here at ClickTheCity.
02:27 Mad Max: Fury Road - Trailer The new “Mad Max: Fury Road” trailer explodes through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Catch it here at ClickTheCity.
02:24 Mad Max: Fury Road - Teaser Trailer Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow have just released the official theatrical teaser trailer for George Miller's highly anticipated "Mad Max: Fury Road" which may be viewed here at ClickTheCity.

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