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Dev Patel Shines as a Martial Arts Prodigy in the Action-Packed Thriller ‘Monkey Man’

Experience the intensity of Dev Patel’s directorial debut, "Monkey Man," an action thriller inspired by the legend of Hanuman. Featuring high-octane action and a deep narrative, see it in theaters from May 15.

This May, Dev Patel, the Oscar-nominated actor known for his roles in “Lion” and “Slumdog Millionaire,” makes his directorial debut with “Monkey Man,” a film that promises to redefine action cinema. Opening in theaters on May 15, the movie has been dubbed the “South Asian John Wick” by critics for its intense action and gripping narrative.

Dev Patel: From Actor to Martial Artist

Dev Patel has not only written and starred in “Monkey Man” but has undergone a rigorous training regimen to prepare for his role. Fight coordinator Brahim Chab, known for his work on “The Foreigner,” praises Patel’s dedication: “Dev is one of the hardest working filmmakers I ever worked with. He would come to practice with me and the stunt team once in the morning and again in the afternoon. He embraced the choreography I created for the film but also brought his own suggestions that always made a lot of sense for me to adjust the fights to the story.”

Inspired by the Legend of Hanuman

Monkey Man” draws inspiration from the story of Hanuman, the Hindu deity symbolizing wisdom and strength, and tells the story of Kid, a man seeking vengeance against corrupt leaders responsible for his mother’s death. Kid’s journey from an underground fighter to a vengeful hero is punctuated by spectacular fight sequences, including a climactic battle that is poised to be a cinematic highlight.

A Blend of Global Action Influences

Patel, a fan of Korean and Indonesian action cinema, has incorporated elements from influential films like “The Man from Nowhere” and “The Raid.” The collaboration with some of the producers behind “John Wick” and members of “The Raid” team adds a unique flavor to the movie’s action scenes.

A Fight to Remember

The film’s final showdown is particularly notable. “The final showdown with Rana was one of my favorites to create,” Chab says. “We got them both ready separately, so that when they meet… there are fireworks. The result we got out of both was beyond anything I imagined. They performed the whole fight by themselves without any doubles or camera tricks. I am certain that this fight will satisfy the audience.”


Acclaim from Hollywood

Producer Jordan Peele expressed his astonishment at the quality of action, noting, “I walked in thinking perhaps the action would be what a first-time director’s action might look like,” Peele says. Instead, he was stunned by it. “The action topped the best action films around. Dev was able to act in these sequences that were so well choreographed, had such fluidity, had so much character to the action. I know that, as an action and a revenge film, this is going to be huge.”

Catch “Monkey Man” in Theaters

Monkey Man” is set to captivate audiences with its compelling story and breathtaking action. Be sure to catch it in theaters starting May 15 for a film that is as emotionally resonant as it is thrilling.

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