Meet the Complete Main Cast of the Filipino Live-Action Series ‘Voltes V: Legacy’

Meet the actors playing the Armstrong brothers, Jamie Robinson, Mark Gordon, and their Boazanian rivals!

The main cast members of the upcoming GMA show Voltes V: Legacy, have been revealed!

It was early last week when the cast playing the pilots Mark, Big Bert, and Little Jon have been named. Now, we also have the actors playing Steve Armstrong, Jamie Robinson, and the villains Zandra and Prince Zardoz. Check out the full lineup of the show’s cast below.

Miguel Tanfelix is Steve Armstrong

Kapuso Miguel Tanfelix is known for starring in numerous GMA shows, including the recent sequel of Mulawin where he reprised his role as Pagaspas. He will be playing the leader of the Voltes V pilots, Steve Armstrong, who rides the Volt Cruiser that becomes the head of the eponymous robot.

Ysabel Ortega is Jamie Robinson

Up and coming actress Ysabel Ortega gets her first major role as Jamie Robinson after she signed up to the Kapuso network in 2019. Jamie is the only female member of the Voltes V pilot and is equipped with the skills of a ninja. She is the pilot of the Volt Lander which turns into Voltes V’s feet. She is also the daughter of Commander Robinson who leads the Earth International Defense Force and is a co-designer of the Voltes V.

You can also watch Ysabel Ortega’s audition for the role below:


Radson Flores is Mark Gordon

Startruck 2019 alumnus Radson Flores will be playing Mark Gordon, who is skilled in riding horses and using a whip. He pilots the Volt Bomber, which transforms into the arms of Voltes V.

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Matt Lozano is Big Bert

Musician and Eat Bulaga’s ‘Spogify’ winner Matt Lozano plays the role of Big Bert, Steve’s younger brother. He is the team’s defense tactician and an expert at hand-to-hand combat. Big Bert rides the Volt Panzer which becomes the torso of the Voltes V.

Raphael Landicho is Little Jon

Playing the youngest Armstrong sibling, Little Jon, is Raphael Landicho. Despite his young age, Little Jon, is dubbed a genius for his knack for inventing automatons. He is the pilot of the Volt Frigate that transforms into the legs of Voltes V.

Martin del Rosario is Prince Zardoz

Martin del Rosario is known for starring in films such as Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B, Amorosa, Born Beautiful, and The Panti Sisters. This time, he will be playing the show’s main antagonist Prince Zardoz, who leads the Boazanian attack on Earth.

Liezel Lopez is Zandra

StarStruck 6 alumna Liezel Lopez has been in the local remake of My Love From the Star and has starred in Magpakailanman and Tadhana. She will be playing Zandra in Voltes V: Legacy, the loyal aide and lover of Prince Zardoz.

Voltes V: Legacy is the Filipino live-action adaptation of the classic anime series from Japan, Chōdenji Machine Voltes V. The local adaptation of Voltes V is approved by Toei Company, Ltd, which produced the original anime series, and Telesuccess Productions Inc., the company that dubbed and translated the anime into English.

The series centers around the humanoid robot Voltes V and its five pilots, who were tasked to defend Earth from invading aliens. Its first teaser was released during the New Year celebration for 2020, while the full trailer was released last month.

Encantadia‘s Mark Reyes is directing the series. Its release date is yet to be announced.

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GMA Unmasks 'Voltes V: Legacy' Actors Playing Mark, Big Bert, and Little Jon
Meet three of Voltes V's pilots in the upcoming live-action adaptation from GMA!

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