WATCH: GMA’s Live-Action ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ Drops New Epic Trailer

We're getting a first look at Steve Armstrong!

It’s been over a year since the GMA channel revealed the very first look at its Filipino live-action adaptation of the beloved anime Voltes V. Now, we’re finally getting to see more, including a tease of one of its pilots, Steve Armstrong, in a new trailer.

Watch the trailer below:

Since the scenes featuring Steve were brief and the actor wore the familiar mask of the Voltes V’s pilots, viewers can’t really confirm who will be playing the iconic character. The production has also kept the identities of the cast members under wraps.

Photo from the Voltes V: Legacy trailer

Besides teasing Steve, the trailer also showcased the iconic “Let’s volt in!” sequence as well as the Laser Sword– Voltes V’s signature weapon that often landed the finishing blow on enemies.

Photo from the Voltes V: Legacy trailer

Based on the famed Japanese anime, Voltes V is about the eponymous giant humanoid robot that was made to repel Earth’s alien invaders. Five airships– each with its own pilot– can combine and transform into Voltes V to battle the alien monsters that are wreaking havoc across the land.


Encantadia‘s Mark Reyes is directing the series. Its release date has not yet been revealed.

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