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Diverse perspectives showcased in ARTablado and Art Show Philippines’ “Cultural Kaleidoscope”

"Cultural Kaleidoscope" is a collaborative exhibition between ARTablado and Art Show Philippines that celebrates diverse perspectives through a vibrant showcase of art. Featuring a variety of artists and styles, this event promises to be a colorful and enriching experience for all who attend.

Diverse cultures, perspectives and artistic styles are showcased in the Art Show Philippines exhibit “Cultural Kaleidoscope,” running at ARTablado Robinsons Antipolo until April 30.

ARTablado and Art Show Philippines are united by their common goal: to promote Filipino art and help Filipino artists. The two have been partnering since 2022.

ARTablado, a portmanteau of the words “art” and “entablado” (stage), is the initiative of Robinsons Land which has been giving artists the space and support they need so they can showcase their work to a bigger audience since 2020. Art Show Philippines is an artist-run community that aims to empower Filipino artists and make it possible for them to exhibit their work globally. It started during the pandemic and now has a network of over 2,000 exhibiting artists of all levels from all over the Philippines.

Art Show Philippines also holds fundraising exhibits for children with cancer and with special needs, art mentoring sessions, mental health programs for creative people, and gives grants to artists in need of art materials.

Artists get a chance to grow in Art Show Philippines, just like Jay Vincent Gatdula, who now helps organize and lead exhibitions. “I am happy to be a part of Art Show Philippines. With their help, I discovered my art style Sining Sawali [weaving of two different paintings together to make a single art piece] and have given me many opportunities like participating in local and international exhibits to represent our country.”


For many years now, artists have been using the internet to showcase their work but physical exhibits are still essential both for artists and the audience. Art Show Philippines founder Frederick Epistola talked about their importance. “Physical exhibits like the one at ARTablado can be incredibly important for Filipino artists for several reasons. First, they provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work to the public, allowing them to reach a wider audience and gain recognition for their talents. These exhibits also offer opportunities for artists to network with other creators and industry professionals, fostering collaboration and growth within the local art community. Additionally, physical exhibits can help Filipino artists connect with buyers and collectors, potentially leading to sales and further opportunities for their artistic careers to thrive. Overall, these exhibitions play a valuable role in promoting Filipino art and artists both locally and globally.”

And that’s exactly what ARTablado does. The art stages, which can be found in Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Antipolo, Summit Ridge Tagaytay and Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, have given the spotlight to both up-and-coming talents and established artists, allowing people to enjoy their creations up close. 

Epistola added, “ARTablado, a gallery in malls and hotels, helps artists by increasing their visibility to a wider and more diverse audience, making art more accessible to the public, potentially boosting sales through impulse purchases, and fostering community engagement within the mall environment.”

This time, at ARTablado Robinsons Antipolo, mallgoers will get to enjoy “Cultural Kaleidoscope” which features the work of a new generation of Art Show Philippines artists, most of whom are exhibiting in ARTablado for the first time.

One of the first-timers said, “I’m participating in an exhibit organized and presented by ARTablado for the first time. I appreciate that Robinsons Land’s ARTablado provides a venue for artists, no matter their experience level, and a space to pursue their passion.”

Some of the art that can be viewed at “Cultural Kaleidoscope” are “Sampaguita Garland Maker” by Lei De Jesus, “Habing Katutubo” by Joanne Nidea, “Mga Laro” by Marjowyn Vito, “Baro’t Saya” by Cristel Ramos, and “Almusal” by Paula Santiago Clarito.

Epistola said, “Like a kaleidoscope that creates beautiful patterns through a combination of different colors and shapes, this exhibit may showcase a colorful array of artwork that celebrates various cultural influences and artistic expressions. It suggests a rich tapestry of creativity and diversity for visitors to explore and enjoy.”

The exhibiting artists are as diverse and colorful as their art. Here are just some of them: Gina Flores-Molina is a dentist-painter from Batangas with a passion for Impressionism. Nikolai M Flores is a software analyst at a bank who creates abstract art. Maria Cecilia Tacayon-Sarinas is a professional animator who has a newfound love for painting. Elise Capunitan is a visual artist and architect in the making. Solenart is an ex-OFW who considers art her safe space and emotional therapy. Pat Munar-Wigan is a wife and mom of two with a deep love for visual arts. Jobert U. Serrano, a son of a farmer and who grew up in a city at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, finds inspiration in nature and animals. Paola Santiago Clarito is a painter who has published two contemporary coloring books.                              

Why did they choose to exhibit at ARTablado? Epistola said, “Collaborating with Artablado can boost the credibility of emerging artists and assist in their establishment within the art community.”

The artists traveled from all over, with some coming from as far as Pangasinan, Zambales and Cavite, to attend the exhibit opening.

Epistola said, “I am incredibly proud of the new breed of artists of Art Show Philippines. Their innovative approaches, creativity, and fresh perspectives continue to inspire and drive us forward. Each artist brings a unique talent and passion for pushing boundaries and creating impactful art.”

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