WATCH: ‘Voltes V’ From GMA 7 Reveals First Teaser

Check out the very first look at CGI Voltes V in GMA 7’s upcoming Filipino adaptation!

"Let's volt in!"

These words bring a lot of childhood memories for many Filipinos, as it is the famous line to mark the combining of five airships into the ever-famous Voltes V.

So when GMA 7 announced that a Filipino adaptation is coming to the network to be titled Voltes V Legacy, audiences were skeptical. As every remake or adaptation goes, it either becomes an appropriate homage to the original, or it just taints on the memory of the original work's fans.

But of course, we'd have to see it before we place our verdict, and as 2020 dropped in, we could now voice out our initial reactions because the very first teaser for the show was released. Check it out below:

The teaser opens up with a Philippine Eagle soaring over the iconic Big Falcon, the headquarters of the Voltes V members. The familiar scenes when deploying the airships were also previewed in CGI, before revealing the complete Voltes V in mid-battle.


For those who are not familiar with the show, the Voltes V is a giant humanoid robot made to repel Earth's alien invaders. It is the final form of five combined airships, each with its own pilot. The climax of each episode mostly comes in the form of a final battle between the Voltes V and the gigantic monster deployed by the enemy.

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Besides this teaser, we have yet to know more about the show in the upcoming months. What do you think of the first teaser trailer?


Homestream image screengrabbed from the official teaser trailer.

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