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Disney+ Unveils a Riveting Lineup of Korean Originals for 2024: A Blend of Action, Drama, and Innovation

Discover Disney+'s action-packed 2024 Korean content slate featuring new originals like Blood Free, Unmasked, The Tyrant, and Gangnam B-Side. Join us for a year of unparalleled storytelling and talent.

Disney+ is thrilled to announce an exhilarating expansion to its 2024 slate of Korean originals, building on the phenomenal success of its local content. With the addition of dynamic titles such as “Blood Free,” “Unmasked,” “The Tyrant,” “Gangnam B-Side,” and the continuation of “The Zone: Survival Mission” into its third season, Disney+ is set to captivate audiences worldwide with a diverse array of storytelling brilliance.

2023 was a landmark year for Disney+ with Korean originals like “Big Bet” and “Moving” not only clinching international awards but also setting new records in viewership. “Moving” emerged as the most-watched local original, a testament to the global appeal and quality of Korean content.

The 2024 lineup is poised to elevate this success even further. Carol Choi, Executive Vice President, Original Content Strategy at The Walt Disney Company APAC, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “Our new Korean originals are a continuation of the positive momentum we’ve seen. We’re committed to scaling our creative ambition, focusing on quality storytelling and top talent in collaboration with the region’s most exciting storytellers.”

A Sneak Peek into 2024’s Must-Watch List

Blood Free:
Starring Ju Jihoon (Kingdom) and Han Hyo-joo (Moving), Blood Free follows a former bodyguard haunted by the failures of his past. After diving down a rabbit hole of tangled leads, he finds himself recruited to protect the CEO of a controversial lab-grown meat company who is also a survivor of the fateful attack that changed his life. 

Set in modern-day Seoul, Unmasked follows a crack team of investigative journalists who are fighting for their careers after broadcasting a controversial story. With time running out, the team is given an impossible task if they want to save their jobs – solve a twenty-year-old cold case involving a famous actor who disappeared without a trace. Unmasked stars Kim Hye-soo (Under The Queen’s Umbrella).


The Tyrant:
The Tyrant follows a US government agent as he tries to recover a deadly new virus stolen from the South Korean government. With everything at stake, this action-packed series sees global intelligence agencies battle against nefarious parties to prevent the virus spreading across the world.

Gangnam B-Side:
A thrilling crime drama, Gangnam B-Side follows a pariah detective pulled back into the game after his daughter’s friend goes missing. The latest in a long line of women to go missing in the Gangnam area of Seoul, the detective will delve back into a world of vice, drugs, and corruption to uncover something that threatens to topple some of the city’s wealthiest elite.

The Zone: Survival Mission – Season 3:
The popular Disney+ Korean variety has been renewed for its third season with Kwon Yuri and Yoo Jaesuk returning alongside new hosts – former UFC fighter Kim Donghyun and popular YouTuber Dex. Together, the foursome will get up to more hijinks than ever before as they try to survive an increasingly complex range of challenges.

Uncle Samsik:
Starring Parasite star Song Kang-ho, and Byun Yohan (Mr. Sunshine), Uncle Samsik is a societal drama set in 1960s Korea that follows an idealistic politician, and a mysterious political fixer called Uncle Samsik who operates in the shadows. Together the pair form an uneasy partnership with the goal of transforming a struggling post-war Korea into a prosperous country where everyone can afford three meals a day. 

Light Shop:
An adaptation of the hit webtoon of the same name, Light Shop follows a group of strangers, each struggling to come to terms with a traumatic event in their past. Going about their daily lives, each individual is mysteriously drawn to a light shop that sits at the end of a seedy alleyway. Guarded by a vigilant shopkeeper, the light shop could hold the key to the strangers’ pasts, presents and futures.

Notably, “Uncle Samsik” and “Light Shop” are also part of the impressive 2024 slate. With star-studded casts including Song Kangho, Byun Yohan, Ju Jihoon, Lee Jungeun, Park Boyung, and Bae Seongwoo, these shows are bound to become instant classics.

Disney+ continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, and with more announcements on the horizon, fans have much to look forward to. Stay tuned to Disney+ for more updates on captivating Korean content that promises to enthrall, entertain, and inspire.

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