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Gerard Butler’s ‘Kandahar’: A Pulse-Pounding Journey Premiering on Lionsgate Play this October 20

Watch Gerard Butler’s thrilling escape from danger in the action-packed film Kandahar, coming exclusively to Lionsgate Play this October 20.

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat this October 20, 2023, as Lionsgate Play releases “Kandahar,” a riveting action drama that promises high tension and relentless excitement. This gripping action-drama film follows CIA Black Ops agent Tom Harris, played by Gerard Butler (Greenland, Angel Has Fallen, 300), and his Afghan interpreter Mo, played by Navid Negahban (TV’s Homeland, 24, Legion).

Gerard Butler at His Best: From Destruction to Desperate Escape

In “Kandahar,” we see Gerard Butler, known for his electrifying performances in “Greenland” and “Angel Has Fallen,” take on the role of Tom Harris, a CIA Black Ops agent. His mission turns sour when he’s exposed as the man behind the destruction of an Iranian nuclear facility, setting off a desperate race against time. With only 30 hours to reach the airport in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Tom’s survival hangs in the balance, making for a movie experience filled with suspense.

An Unlikely Alliance: Navigating Conflicts and Terrains

Tom’s escape is complicated by the need for an ally, found in his Afghan interpreter, Mo, portrayed by Navid Negahban of “Homeland” and “24.” Mo, haunted by his past and disillusioned with the violence surrounding him, initially resists but eventually joins Tom’s frantic dash to safety. Their evolving friendship amidst the escape adds a layer of depth to the non-stop action.

Historic Cinematic Feat: “Kandahar” Breaks New Ground

Adding to the movie’s allure is its historic achievement as the first Western film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia. 

Kandahar has made history as the first Western movie filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia. Talking about the experience filming in the city of Al’Ula, Gerard Butler said, “That was an exceptionally unique place to film and live. From the second I arrived there, I knew it was special. I’d seen photos of the area of course, and I knew it looked amazing, but just the energy there is what really takes you by surprise… I loved being in Al’Ula and discovering Saudi Arabia In my time off, I spent time just seeing the history, the nature. But in terms of a canvas to film on, there’s so much personality there, and it’s so dynamic. The location adds a whole other character in the movie.


Elevating Entertainment: Lionsgate Play’s Commitment to Quality

Cecille Mariño, General Manager of Lionsgate Philippines, highlights the platform’s dedication to delivering top-notch entertainment. “Lionsgate Play is all about bringing high-quality entertainment to our subscribers, and Kandahar is a perfect addition to our library. With this movie, we are proud to present a thought-provoking film that showcases the talents of Gerard Butler and Navid Negagban. It’s a high-octane film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end, and we’re very excited to take Filipino viewers on that journey. ”

Mark your calendars and brace yourselves for “Kandahar,” coming to you exclusively on Lionsgate Play this October 20, 2023. Join Gerard Butler in a pulse-pounding chase that navigates the intricacies of war, survival, and unexpected camaraderie.

About Lionsgate Play

Lionsgate Play, a premium streaming service from Lionsgate India and Starz, offers bespoke quality content to its users. It boasts premium and curated content including Premieres, billion-dollar Franchise Movies and binge-worthy Box Sets. Lionsgate Play is accessible to consumers in the Philippines via the app. For a monthly subscription cost of PHP 79, the titles can be streamed with a PLDT Home account.

About PLDT Home

PLDT Home is trusted by Filipinos to deliver the fastest internet connection and future-ready innovations to their homes. It is the only telco in the Philippines that has received the most prestigious “Fastest Fixed Internet, Five Years In a Row” award at the Ookla® Speedtest Awards™ 2022 – a first for PLDT and the Philippines. Enabling moments that bring the family closer together, PLDT Home offers unli-entertainment including Lionsgate Play and its library of award-winning titles.

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