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Inside Look: Disney+ ‘Moving’ Press Conference Reveals Superpowered Drama

Explore insights from the press conference, unveiling superhuman abilities, dynamic relationships, and behind-the-scenes magic.

ClickTheCity was invited to the global press conference for Disney+’s latest action-packed, super-powered Korean drama called ‘Moving.’ Based on the hit webtoon of the same name by Kangfull, the show is about teens and their parents, both of which have amazing superhuman powers and are hiding from the world. It’s a show that boasts of intense character relationships amidst secret agents, assassins, and paranormal gifts that include flight, super strength and speed, regeneration, and even electric powers.

It came out last August 9 and has been very popular since its release.

The show boasts of incredible special effects with over 60 studios involved in making all the special effects of the show’s 20 episodes. With each episode saving up some of its running time to show off some high-impact action sequences and super-powered fight scenes, ‘Moving’ is offering something completely different from your usual Kdramas; one that can rival all the superhuman shows of western television.

Prior to the show’s release, the cast and the creators met with the press to talk about their then-upcoming new series. The star-studded cast includes Ryu Seungryeong (who you might recognize in ‘Kingdom’ season 1 and 2 and the hilarious comedy ‘Extreme Job’), Han Hyo Joo (‘Happiness’ and ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’), Zo Insung (‘Escape from Mogadishu’), Kim Sungkyun (‘Reply 1988’), Chae Taehyun (‘The Producers’), Kim Hee Won (‘Misaeng: An Incomplete Life’) and young stars Lee Jungha, Go Younjung, and Kim Dohoon.

Here are some of the highlights from the press conference:

  • From the way the cast talked and dealt with each other, you could see there’s a lot of love in that ensemble. They were all friendly and unguarded – not afraid at all to be silly. A lot of the actors playing parents would stay in character and talk about the actors playing their children as if they were really their kids. For example, Lee Jungha was very nervous as this is his first big lead role in a drama series. He was so nervous that Han Hyo Joo, who plays his mom in the show, cheered him on and spoke so highly of him “as his mom” whereas Zo Insung, who plays his father, apologised for his nervousness, and wished he “raised him better.”
  • From the press conference, we discovered that webtoon writer and creator of ‘Moving’ wrote the show and was part of the casting process. Kim Sungkyun was cast as Lee Jaeman because he looked just like the character in the webtoon. Chae Taehyun’s character, Jeon Gye-do, on the other hand, is a character that doesn’t appear in the web toon. Kangfull wrote him into the show to help expand the world.
  • They showed clips from the behind-the-scenes of the show and you can see the amount of work that was spent on the fight choreography, the wire-works (for the flying scenes and moments of super-strength), and the other practical effects.
  • Kim Hee Won is just as funny as his persona in the variety show ‘House on Wheels.’ He jokes about being the only character in the show without superpowers and how, as a teacher, everyone learned from him.
  • There’s a lot of love and respect that was given to Han Hyo Joo with Zo Insung even saying that Han Hyo Joo should also be recognized globally as an actress because the Korean entertainment industry is too small for her talent. Everyone in the cast agreed.
  • Prior to the Q&A, all the actors were shot individually by the photographers and they were asked to do superhero poses and you could see who were very game to do so and who weren’t.

The press conference shed light on the series’ unique approach to superhuman abilities, its stellar cast chemistry, and the meticulous craftsmanship behind its action-packed sequences. As ‘Moving’ continues to captivate audiences, get ready for a genre-bending journey that embraces the extraordinary in the realm of Kdramas.

MOVING is now streaming on Disney+. Watch it here.

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