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8 Movies Coming to PBO Channel This June 2023

This June, we have rounded up eight movies from PBO's lineup that you might want to catch on your TV!

Can’t decide what to watch on TV this June? Don’t sweat it! PBO is coming to your rescue with a lineup of 8 Filipino movies that’ll get your hearts racing, eyes welling, and sides aching from laughter. Hold onto your remote controls as we guide you through this month’s must-watch movies on PBO! If you’re in the mood to spend some of your free time this month of June on the couch, watching films, PBO Channel has got you covered with their lineup of Pinoy movies. And to make it even easier for you, we have rounded up eight movies from their lineup that you might want to catch on your TV!

Jacqueline Comes Home

June 3, 1:30 AM | June 8, 3:15 AM | June 13, 3:30 AM | June 23, 6:45 AM

Kicking off our list is “Jacqueline Comes Home”, a movie based on real events that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. This heart-wrenching story of two sisters caught in an unthinkable situation is bound to keep you gripped. This controversial biopic recalls the events of the 1997 Chiong murder case told from the perspectives of the alleged victims and the Chiong family. 

The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin

June 4, 7:30 PM | June 9, 11 AM | June 12, 5:30 PM | June 20, 3:30PM

Need a hearty laugh? “The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin” will do the trick! With hilarious antics and sharp wit, this comedy is a guaranteed pick-me-up. A soldier who once saved the entire country is assigned to guard a genius child whose intellect is needed to foil the plans of an evil villain. Who knew saving the world could be so funny?

On Vodka, Beers and Regrets

June 6, 1:30 PM | June 12, 4:30 AM | June 24, 12:30 PM | June 30, 9:30 PM


Immerse yourself in a story of love, heartache, and the road to redemption with “On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets”. The film takes you on an emotional journey, where the lead characters discover solace and courage in the most unexpected places. A washed up actress and former child star Jane Pineda (Bela Padilla), battles with love, chances and alcoholism as her career plummets to rock bottom.

The Gifted

June 6, 5 AM | June 16, 3:15 PM | June 25, 11:15 AM

“The Gifted” offers a clever mix of humor and drama as it explores the rivalry between two extraordinarily intelligent women. Childhood best friends who are both geniuses in school eventually become bittersweet rivals for campus athlete Mark Ferrer. Can brains outshine the heart? Tune in to find out!


June 12, 6:15 AM

Feel the beat with “Indak”, a dance film that will inspire you to chase your dreams, no matter the odds. This musical extravaganza will get your toes tapping and heart thumping. Vin (Sam Concepcion) invites a simple island girl, Jen (Nadine Lustre), to join Indak Pinas, a dance group, after her dance video goes viral. The two not only find their groove, but also slowly fall for each other.

It Takes A Man and A Woman

June 9, 1 PM | June 24, 9:30 PM | June 27, 7:15PM

Rediscover the magic of love with “It Takes a Man and a Woman”. This rom-com will warm your heart with its portrayal of love’s ups and downs. The relationship between Miggy and Laida didn’t last, and neither did Miggy’s business success. When Laida returns to help with a presentation to MET, old feelings come to the surface. Is there anything better than a feel-good love story?

The Day After Valentines

June 18, 11 AM

“The Day After Valentines” offers a poignant look at love, loss, and the road to healing. This emotional rollercoaster will make you reflect on your own relationships and appreciate the beauty of letting go. A woman should take the responsibility of helping a brokenhearted and self-destructive man to fix his problems.

Para sa Hopeless Romantic

June 20, 9:30 PM | June 26, 5:15 AM

Rounding off our list is “Para sa Hopeless Romantic”, a tale that weaves together stories of young love, heartbreak, and the relentless pursuit of happy endings. Can love truly conquer all? Watch and find out! A student writer struggles to find a happy ending for her romantic story when her own real life romance falls apart. Can love truly conquer all? Watch and find out!

This June, PBO’s movie lineup offers a thrilling rollercoaster ride of emotions. Don’t miss out on these 8 incredible Pinoy movies. Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again. Happy viewing!

For more Movies on PBO Channel this June and for the daily schedules of PBO, click here.

[Note: schedules are subject to change without prior notice]

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