WATCH: ‘Ten Little Mistresses’ Trailer Teases a Comedic Filipino Whodunit

The film stars Eugene Domingo, John Arcilla, Pokwang, and many more!

Prime Video’s first Filipino Amazon Original Movie Ten Little Mistresses has released its official trailer, teasing the chaotic murder mystery from director Jun Robles Lana of Die Beautiful and The Panti Sisters. Check it out below:

The film revolves around the ten mistresses of a rich man named Valentin, who were all gathered after he was recently widowed. As if the clash between these mistresses as they fight to become the next legal wife isn’t chaotic enough, things get even messier when Valentin gets murdered, and each and every one of them becomes a suspect.

Ten Little Mistresses has a star-studded lineup, including Eugene Domingo, John Arcilla, Carmi Martin, Pokwang, Agot Isidro, Christian Bables, Kris Bernal, Arci Muñoz, Sharlene San Pedro, Adrianna So, Donna Cariaga, Kate Alejandrino, and Iana Bernandez.

The movie will premiere on Prime Video this February 15.

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