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10 Shows and Films Coming to Netflix This January 2023

The new year brings new titles you could binge on Netflix!

Since its arrival here in the Philippines, Netflix has been continuously bringing us great content to stream on our favorite devices. Whether it’s a compelling drama with interesting characters, a thrilling title that keeps us on the edge of our seats, comedies that give us our much-needed dose of laughter, or just anything that keeps us entertained on the couch or on the go, we surely can count on the streaming service’s rich library of shows and movies.

If you’re always on the lookout for Netflix’s latest releases, then look no further! We’ve listed down ten shows and films to anticipate and add to your watchlist this month of January!

The Way of the House Husband, Season 2 (Series)

January 1 | Stream it here

The comedy anime series is back to follow the legendary former yakuza Tatsu as he lives the life of a househusband.

Kaleidoscope (Series)

January 1 | Stream it here


A mastermind and his crew attempt to pull off a $7 billion heist, but the plan is compromised by greed and betrayal.

Sitsit (Film)

January 6

This 2-part movie follows an aging photographer who uses a potion to turn into a young and handsome man to attract the woman he likes, and a woman who adopts a stray dog that transforms into an aswang.

The Pale Blue Eye (Film)

January 6 | Stream it here

Starring Christian Bale, this new film follows a detective who hires Edgar Allan Poe to help solve a gruesome murder.

Vikings: Valhalla, Season 2 (Series)

January 12 | Stream it here

Freydis, Leif, and Harald scatter to places beyond the fjords of Scandinavia in search of more power and more territories to conquer.

That ‘90s Show (Series)

January 19 | Stream it here

It’s 1995, and Eric and Donna’s daughter, Leia Forman, visits her grandparents at Point Place and meets the new generation of kids in the neighborhood.

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre (Series)

January 19 | Stream it here

This animated horror series tells some of the most disturbing and bizarre tales from the horror manga master Junji Ito.

5 Reasons Why Junji Ito’s Manga Comics Are Horror Must-Reads

Record of Ragnarok, Season 2 (Series)

January 26 | Stream it here

In the second season of Record of Ragnarok, the battle between gods and the remarkable humans in our history resumes to decide the fate of humanity. In the next round, Jack the Ripper faces the righteous god Heracles.

You People (Film)

January 27 | Stream it here

This comedy film starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy, follows a couple who must face society’s expectations and seek their families’ approval.

Lockwood & Co. (Series)

January 27 | Stream it here

A girl who has psychic abilities teams up with two gifted teenage boys to fight ghosts in London.

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