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Interview with Jason Momoa & Marlow Barkley of Netflix’s ‘Slumberland’

The new fantasy movie will arrive on Netflix this November 18!

Aquaman star Jason Momoa and young actress Marlow Barkley are headlining Netflix’s next magical film Slumberland! The film will take viewers to the world of dreams and nightmares, where the girl Nemo who just lost her father in a storm, joins forces with the rough-around-the-edges but lovable outlaw Flip to hunt for a treasure that can make dreams come true.

Watch the trailer for Slumberland below:

Before the film drops on Netflix this November 18, we got to chat with Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley in virtual roundtable interview where they talked about the new fantasy adventure film. Check out highlights from the interview below:

For Jason Momoa, would you say that you enjoy playing fun characters like Flip more than the serious and intimidating characters you’ve played in the past?

Jason Momoa: Yeah, it’s better for the soul, better for your well-being to be laughing and having fun over being grumpy and fighting all the time. So it’s nice to have some levity.

For Marlow Barkley, do you have any tips for the younger people who might be experiencing the same hardships as Nemo?

Marlow Barkley: I think that making sure to keep the things that make you happy and bring you joy very close to you, and if you can to block out any negative thoughts or ideas I think is very important. And specifically, keep friends close because I find that friends can be very very helpful and inspiring at difficult times. And just remember that any fear, no matter how big, can be overcome as long as you are brave and strong, and I hope they can use Nemo as an inspiration to do that.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

What’s an adventure you’ve had in the past that’s beyond your wildest dreams?

Jason Momoa: When I was around 19, one of my biggest dreams was to go to Tibet. I wanted to go backpacking and live with nomads and visit different temples out there. I went to Tibet, and whatever I thought it was gonna be, it was beyond my wildest dreams. And it was truly the only place, it felt like a dream world when I was there.

Marlow Barkley: I’d say, I think I’m living the life– I think I’m going on an adventure beyond my wildest dreams right now. I think that I’m very lucky to be able to do that at such a very young age, and I have Jason and my family and my friends to guide me through that. I think that right now, it’s pretty crazy. I could have never imagined that I would be here right now.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Can you tell us more about your casting, what made you say yes to the project and what was reaction being cast in the film?

Marlow Barkley: I read the script and I definitely knew that I would watch it even though I wasn’t in it. Secretly I was hoping that [I get to do this movie] because it was amazing and it was everything that I wanted in a script and more. It has emotions, and it was funny, and action. And so I really put my all into that audition and it paid off and I think that the time filming it was even better than I could ever imagine.

Jason Momoa: This was pitched to me by director Francis Lawrence who I love and trust, and I just thought it was wonderful, the idea of it. Then I got the script, read it, and you know I cried, I laughed… And then we cast this beautiful lady and it’s a dream job, and it just doesn’t happen very often so I feel very lucky to be part of the film.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Do you have any memorable moments during filming you’d like to share?

Jason Momoa: We have a lot.

Marlow Barkley: Any blooper is really fun, but there’s this one… We’re filming this very emotional scene, and in between takes we thought it would be a good idea to play tag– but not the kind of tag where you’re running around, chasing each other, and yelling tag. It’s the kind where you stand still, look over at someone, touch them and say tag. That’s it.

And Jason was it, and he did not like to be it. So in the middle of the scene, very emotional, right before the big climax he goes, “And I just want to say tag you’re it, well that didn’t work” and I was like “Dude, why did you think that you can incorporate tag into this emotional scene?” [Laughs] and Francis was like “Uhh, cut? Let’s go back to one.”

Jason Momoa: Yes, we did all kinds of fun stuff. Not long enough for this interview, you’ll see it all in the bloopers.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

What do you think are the lessons that both the young audiences and parents can pick up from the film?

Marlow Barkley: I think that kids can learn that they can overcome their fears, no matter how great they are. And that if you have something that’s special to you, and everybody else stops you or underestimates you, hold on to that dream and keep people that you love in your life, and you’ll be able to accomplish even greater dreams, one you could never imagine.

Jason Momoa: I say to reconnect with your inner child. Doesn’t matter how old you are, just have fun and keep that little sparkle alive. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Directed by Francis Lawrence from a script by David Guion and Michael Handelman, Slumberland also stars  Chris O’Dowd, Kyle Chandler, Weruche Opia, India de Beaufort, and Humberly González. Stream it exclusively on Netflix starting this November 18.

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