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iQiyi for November

10 Asian Titles Coming to iQiyi This November 2021

All the K-dramas, C-dramas, and Filipino titles we're excited to see!

Love to watch C-dramas, K-dramas, and anime? Then one of the best streaming sites to subscribe to right now is iQiyi, which has a wide variety of titles and is still set to release an amazing slate of titles in the coming months. Below, we’re listing down some of the highly-anticipated Asian titles that are coming to iQiyi for the month of November.

November 4

Melancholia stars Im Soo Jung as Ji Yoon Soo, a math teacher from a prestigious high school who helps Lee Do Hyun’s Baek Seung Yoo top his class. The teacher-student relationship scandal costs Yoon Soo her job and it’s only after four years that the two meet again as adults. They then work together to reveal the corruption in school and recover her reputation.

November 6

Happiness is set in a newly-built apartment in the city, where high floors are meant for rich residents who can buy the house while the lower floors are for those who can only rent. When a deadly virus starts spreading throughout the city, the apartment is sealed off, leaving the residents to spend and survive in the new habitation.

Han Hyo Joo plays Yoon Sae Boom, a woman who’s quick on decisions and cannot stand injustice. Because she did not grow up in a good environment, she wants to live comfortably in the complicated world. Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik plays Jung Yi Hyun, a police detective who use used to be a baseball player. When the deadly virus strikes the apartment, he strives to protect the people in the apartment.

Also starring in this drama are Jo Woo Jin, Park Joo Hee, Lee Ji Ha, and more.


Let Me Be Your Knight
November 7

Let Me Be Your Knight is about Yoon Tae In, the leader of the idol group Luna who suffers from sleep walking. To cure his ailment, he commissions doctor Yoon Joo to live with him and his group members. This drama stars Lee Jun Young, Jung In Sun, JR, Yoon Ji Sung, and more.

IDOL: The Coup
November 9

IDOL: The Coup centers on a passé idol group who’s been struggling to find success so they won’t disband. It follows the members of the group as they give up on their dreams, grow through their failures, and take courageous steps towards new goals. It stars EXID’s Hani, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Min Kyu, and more.

Secret Royal Inspector Joy
November 9

Secret Royal Inspector Joy is a comedy historical period drama set in Joseon and stars Ok Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon. It follows an intelligent but lazy secret agent and a woman with a belief ahead of her times who’s been seeking to get out of an unhappy marriage to search for happiness. Joining the two leads in this drama are Lee Jae Kyoon, Bae Jong Ok, Jeong Bo Seok, and more.

A Camellia Romance

A Camellia Romance is a C-drama about the love story of Xu Chunchun and Zhou Junjue. Xu is the only daughter of a silk artisan. She wants to make her entrepreneurial dream come true, but she gets arranged to marry Zhou, the son of a family of tea merchants who finds himself falling in love with her at first sight. It stars Guo Zi Fan and Li Mo Zhi.

My Heart

My Heart is another romance drama about Lu Qingqing, a girl with no spiritual powers but is full of vitality, and Nangong Yixin, a tsundere prince. The story is set in a world where everyone has spiritual powers, with Lu Qingqing trying hard to realize her potential despite being seen as a loser. Things change when she finds a way to increase her powers with the help of the prince. It stars Cheng Xiao and Gu Jiacheng.

Special Lady
November 25

Special Lady is about Song Zhu, the third daughter of the Song Family who rebels against arranged marriages to find true love, and Xiao Yu, a sly person who hides his identity to study at the academy. The two dislike each other when they first meet, only for their relationship to blossom into a sweet romance. It stars Xiao Yan, Zhai Zi Lu, Sheng Ying Hao, and Zhong Li Li.

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is an anime about Arima Kousei, a piano prodigy who used to dominate competitions. When his mother passed away, he had a mental breakdown which resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of his piano. After that event, he refuses to touch the piano and starts viewing the world without any flair. Everything changes, though, when he meets Miyazono Kaori, a violinist who helps him return to the world of music.

I Left My Heart in Sorsogon

Richard Yap, Heart Evangelista, and Paulo Contis star in the romance drama I Left My Heart in Sorsogon. It’s about a young woman who’s reinvented herself as a fashion socialite dating the most eligible bachelor in Manila. When she comes back to visit her hometown, she finds herself rediscovering her roots, rekindling her love for her family and for the ex-flame who won’t leave her heart.

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