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May 23, 2024
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2019R-16 2 hrs 33 min
Action Drama
It follows Alexis Borlaza who is a human rights activist who gets framed and imprisoned for the murder of his entire family. As he tries to find justice for his family, he becomes an informant and asset to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. Unbeknown to his superiors, he doubles as a vigilante trying to solve murders and eradicate the drug problem on his own.
Main Cast
Jake Cuenca  •  Kris Bernal  •  Katrina Halili
Released By
Bell Films
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  • N
    Casting was great. Actors playing the role pretty well, for at least the main leads. Story was good. Typical action-flick having the typical movie formula. Action shots were good enough but could be better. Might be because of after seeing John Wick, this one just looked just sub par. Cinematography was also in parity with the shots. Good but not great. But for a Filipino Film, this is a good step. (and back to the golden age of action movies). Sound Direction was done right. Bringing the action to the audience as its tempo moves together with the scene. (some more than others though).
  • 2hr33mins kailangan ba talaga.Dami unnecessary shits pwede naman shorten lalang isa scene Sobra piece shit ng screenplay Action mas maganda pa action erotic drama(The Handmaiden) or comedy(American Pie) Propaganda film ? gawa muna matinong film bago propaganda

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