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USD $1 ₱ 57.36 0.0000 May 17, 2024
May 17, 2024
₱ 18,351.00
3D Lotto 2PM
₱ 4,500.00

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  • J
    could not focus on the cinematography and other film essence, due to the nicely incorporated drama to the story. A genre of Korean movie that touches the true values of entertainment. For location cinematography, a lot of shots are short live. theres more to show with camera angles and shots taken. Overall, not a typical zombie flick. Story wise, screenplay is nice. Good Job!
  • S
    It is definitely a must-see film. The film shows its audience a more horrifying truth about our society than to be attacked by zombies. It would not only thrill its viewers but it would surely leave them the value of love and sacrifice.
  • C
    I really enjoyed this movie, it was great; actors, setting, visual effects, etc. the most memorable was when yoo goong and daughter part ways, it was very heartfelt moment for me and fell my tears. thumbs up to everyone who were part of this movie. :)
  • E
    ..watching a movie in the cinemas nowadays isn't cheap. Your P245 something could well be spent on other things than on a movie with big names but boring story and lousy storytellng. Train To Busan is a gem. Every centavo, every minute is worth the trip to the cinema :-)
  • K
    This is the movie WWZ should have been. Hits all the right notes, whether action or emotional. This is just an amazing movie, period.

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