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DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away

2018PG 1 hr 43 min
Comedy Horror
Wanting to save the house of her beloved grandmother from being sequestered, paranormal expert Carmel Monseratt and her “bebest” best friend Jerald “Jeje” Zee-Yan have decided to form a squad of ghost busters with their misfits buddies in order to meet both ends.
Main Cast
Kim Chiu  •  Ryan Bang  •  Enzo Pineda
Film Producer
Released By
Star Cinema
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Ratings & Reviews

  • DOTGA: Somehow satisfying. Da One That Ghost Away (DOTGA) was definitely made to entertain. The focus is not to get you overthink the movie or for you to feel or realize something but more so to just let Kim, Ryan and the whole gang relax your mind for their craziness. I have seen Kim Chiu do comedy. I hate to say this because I love her - this is not her best. Not sure if this is how Tony Y. Reyes' envisioned her character Carmel. Or the script is just off for Kim. Or maybe Kim stoop down a little bit so she will not eat Ryan Bang alive. Well... whatever! Kim for me gave a so-so performance for the comedy aspect of her character Carmel. However, during the scene where she had a conversation with her lola Conquita towards the end of the film, we were like OK! That is the Kim Chiu that we know. Ryan Bang has more shining moments than Kim. I think Reyes gave every character a chance to hit the audience but Ryan nailed every moment that Reyes gave him. I am stopping myself not the laugh so hard because I might annoy someone in the moviehouse but I can't help it. Goodjob Bang! How I wish MayWard was in the Colmenares Haunted House part. I can imagine how hilarious it will be because of Maymay. Sadly, they are not in that scene because the story requires them nit to be there. Reyes gave MayWard kilig moments of course which definitely the MayWard fans will enjoy. Individually, as expected Maymay Entrata delivered. Though I can feel that her timing is off at some point but that is so minimal. Edward cannot do comedy for now. Again, for now. The moments where Edward will just appear somewhere worked. There is this scene that I laughed so hard that Edward is there. Like everything is serious then what the F are you doing here! Hahaha Overall, they added some bright color on the movie. Neon blue I must say. I am not contented with how Enzo was filmed. I need to see more of the abs. I feel deprived. Just kidding. Peace! Lassy, Pepe and Moi deserves our commendation. You know it is hard to do comedy. But these peeps did everything. Same goes with the spirits in the haunted mansion especially the one who did the flashback, that is one of my favorite part hahahaha And because of that, it made the whole film more fun and enjoyable to watch. Kudos! The takeaway - it was not a perfect movie. But the balance that Reyes did to all the cast is enough reason for you to appreciate the film. It may not level to other comedy films but it made me smile. To some, it may be a forgettable film. Still, it is the kind of film that will not hurt if you rewatch it. It will not bore you nor make you laugh out loud. Again, it was made to entertain. I do not regret watching it as DOTGA was somehow satisfying. Besides, that is what the film is all about - forgiveness.

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