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Across The Crescent Moon

2017R-13 2 hrs 10 min
The story revolves around an SAF exemplary Agent, Abbas Misani, a good Muslim who is married to Emma.
Main Cast
Matteo Guidicelli  •  Christopher de Leon  •  Gabby Concepcion
Film Producer
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  • A
    FROM CRISTINA ROCO-CORONA, wife of the late Chief Justice Rene Corona The movie, ACROSS THE CRESCENT MOON, is a true classic and must be enjoyed, internalized and shared with every patriotic Filipino worldwide!!! Likewise, the movie is inspiring and very informative. The movie opened our eyes to the horrible menace of human trafficking, modern day slavery of women, prostitution, drug trade and other social ills - and how abject poverty is the root cause of these problems. In the dialogues between the Catholic girl and her Muslim mother-in-law, came the realization that both believe in the same God or Allah, that both religions teach kindness, good deeds and treating others well. In their essence, both beliefs are one and the same. Ultimately, we are all Filipinos who belong to one family of God. Please watch this movie "Across the Crescent Moon" and if you enjoyed it, please encourage others to watch it. The sooner the better. The 56 theateRs showing it might stop showing it after only a few days. This movie entertains. It excites. It enlightens. It enriches. It makes us proud of our modern day heroes.

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