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USD $1 ₱ 58.26 0.0000 July 19, 2024
July 20, 2024
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  • A

    i watch a lot of horror and this one made me uncomfortable the entire time. i get why a lot of people gave negative reviews for this film because it's not a typical horror movie; there's little to no jumpscare, but the atmosphere, the lingering feeling that someone's watching is what true horror is.

  • T

    In-line with The Blair Witch project and The Matrix in terms of marketing.


    If you like films akin to Prisoners, you'll love Longlegs.


    A King novel brought to life--minus the warmth and fuzziness he often injects into his stories. Longlegs is the classic horror experience brought to 2024.



  • M

    Must watch if you want something different. Cinematography is really good with variety of shots. I also enjoyed the revelation at the end. Slow burn lang sa una and not as scary as other movies. 

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