Emergency Declaration (2022)

PG Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 20 min
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This South Korean thriller revolves around the passengers of a plane that had declared an emergency mid-flight after a suspected attack of bioterrorism.
Main Cast
Song Kang-ho  •  Lee Byung-hun  •  Jeon Do-yeon  •  Kim Nam-gil  •  Yim Si-wan  •  Kim So-jin
Released By
Viva International Pictures
Ratings & Reviews
  • L

    The movie wasn't perfect but did enjoy the camera work and the performance of the cast especially im siwan!

  • Worth the time and money.. as expected pag Kim Nam Gil movie.. 👏🏻👏🏻 plus may  Jeon Do Yeon pa! Pang Cannes talaga!🤗

  • S

    I was excited to watch this and so dissapointed. I saw this on facebook it said that "It's like train to busan but on a plane" i was expecting that once you get infected you would transform as zombie 🤣 

    The movie was boring for me, so i would rate 3 out 5. It's more on drama,

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