Bong Joon Ho: Parasite and Memories of Murder

Bong Joon Ho Starter Pack: 8 Must-Watch Films from the Award-Winning Director

Here are 8 films you would definitely want to add to your lists!

South Korean director Bong Joon Ho is no doubt one of this year’s most talked-about personalities, especially after his film Parasite received recognitions in various award-giving bodies. Just in the Academy Awards alone, the film won the award for Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture, making it the first film not in English to win the biggest award in its history.

However, aside from his most successful yet, Bong Joon Ho is also the man behind many other films that have gathered a following from all over the world over his 20-year career.

If you’re wondering what else you should watch to see more of his filmography, we got you covered! Here are 8 Bong JOon Ho films you should now add to your watch list:

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What’s your favorite Bong Joon Ho film? Let us know in the comments!

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Homestream images are screenshot from the trailers of Parasite and Memories of Murder.

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