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“Monkey Man” – A Riveting Directorial Debut by Dev Patel Captivates Critics, Now in Cinemas

Experience the thrilling directorial debut of Dev Patel with "Monkey Man," a gripping action movie now showing in cinemas. Explore a tale of vengeance enriched with raw energy and profound folklore.

The cinematic world welcomes a thrilling new entrant with “Monkey Man,” marking the directorial debut of Oscar® nominated actor Dev Patel, known for his impactful roles in “Lion” and “Slumdog Millionaire.” Currently captivating audiences in cinemas, this film promises a visceral experience that resonates deeply on the big screen.

An Ode to Grit and Dynamism

Monkey Man” exudes a raw, kinetic energy that grips viewers from start to finish. Cinematographer Sharone Meir praises the film’s cohesiveness and its ability to visually and emotionally engage the audience, stating, “I’m proud of how cohesive and unified the feel and the look of the movie is. I’m proud of how we managed to let the audience not only see, but almost smell, the gritty, dirty, sweaty, nature of the environment it takes place in – versus the plush and glamorous world of the rich. I’m proud of how energetic, kinetic and raw it is…moviemaking with big kahunas! It takes a great director, with a true vision, to achieve that.”

Dev Patel describes his passion project as a blend of chaos and beauty, where tension brews to an explosive climax, showcasing exhilarating action sequences. His portrayal of Kid, the protagonist driven by vengeance, marks a significant milestone in his career, positioning him as a potential titan in action cinema, “It’s chaos. It’s beautiful. It brews and it boils, and then explodes with the most insane action.”

Critically Acclaimed and Audience-Approved


Monkey Man” has earned a Fresh certification on Rotten Tomatoes, a testament to its broad appeal and critical acclaim. Industry reviewers have praised Patel’s dual role as lead actor and director. Looper.com highlights his impressive dual contributions, noting, “Monkey Man” is an “impressive effort from Patel not only as a performer, but also as a first-time writer and director.” They also lauded Patel for his portrayal of Kid, saying that the film “cements him as a rising action star of his generation, with more magnetism and intensity than the majority of his contemporaries.”

Deadline Hollywood commends Patel’s “kinetic direction and tense fight sequences,” which are deeply infused with Indian folklore, heralding him as a promising figure in the future of action cinema.

Lauded the Associated Press: “‘Monkey Man’ makes for a forceful directorial debut from Patel. More than anything else, he brings a compelling gravity to a film that is quite serious about getting seriously brutal.”

“He’s managed to craft a rare action movie that makes you think and also will joyfully plunge a metal rod into a dude’s brain,” USA Today said in praise of Patel’s directorial debut.

A Tale of Vengeance and Virtue

Inspired by the legend of Hanuman, “Monkey Man” interweaves themes of wisdom, strength, and courage with a gritty narrative of revenge. The protagonist, Kid, navigates a corrupt and violent world, his path marked by personal loss and a relentless pursuit of justice against those who oppress the powerless.

Drawing inspiration from cult-favorite action films and Korean revenge-action cinema, alongside iconic series like “John Wick,” “Monkey Man” is set to be a memorable addition to the action thriller genre.

Catch the Thrill in Cinemas

Experience the intense and transformative journey of Dev Patel’s “Monkey Man,” now showing in cinemas across the nation. Don’t miss this explosive action thriller that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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