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“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” – A Thrilling New Chapter Unveiled by Director Gil Kenan

Discover the magic of 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,' where humor meets horror in a spectacular adventure. Directed by Gil Kenan and starring an ensemble cast, this latest installment promises an unforgettable ride for fans old and new.

Three years after the ghost-catching legacy was reignited with “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”, the specter-chasing saga continues with “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire“. Directed by Gil Kenan and produced by Jason Reitman, this latest installment promises a fusion of laughs, scares, and undying fun, reviving the spirit of the original films for both new audiences and devoted fans.

A Family Affair: Legacy & Innovation

Jason Reitman, stepping into his familial legacy with “Afterlife”, shared his vision for “Frozen Empire” with his father, Ivan Reitman, the original Ghostbusters’ guiding hand, in what would be their final story exchange. Co-written with Gil Kenan, “Frozen Empire” honors its roots while charting new terrains.

The Spectral Saga Continues

In “Frozen Empire”, the Spengler clan, alongside returning stars McKenna Grace, Paul Rudd, and Finn Wolfhard, reunite with the original ghostbusters at the iconic New York firehouse, now a nexus of ghost-busting innovation. The discovery of an ancient artifact sets them against an icy evil threatening to usher in a second Ice Age, challenging our heroes to blend old wisdom with new bravery.

Echoes of the Past, Voices of the Present

Dan Aykroyd, reprising his role as Ray Stantz, highlights the seamless narrative continuity and the genuine essence of camaraderie and cosmic confrontation that defined the original films. This blend of ordinary lives entwined with extraordinary encounters makes “Frozen Empire” a heartfelt homage to the series’ beginnings.

For the Love of Ghostbusting

Director Gil Kenan shares his personal journey with “Ghostbusters”, from childhood awe to creative inspiration. “Frozen Empire” seeks to recapture the series’ hallmark blend of thrills and laughter, offering a gateway for newcomers and a nostalgic trip for long-time admirers. Kenan’s vision celebrates the joyous, thrilling exploration of the supernatural, inviting audiences of all ages to partake in the ghost-busting adventure.


Mark Your Calendars

Prepare to re-enter the ghostly fray with “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire“, as it arrives in Philippine cinemas on April 10, thanks to Columbia Pictures, the local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, this latest chapter in the Ghostbusters legacy promises an enthralling mix of humor, horror, and heroism, proving once again that when it comes to saving the world from spectral threats, who you gonna call?

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