Love Yakitori? Just Say ‘Please, Senpai’

Off Grid virtual foodhall is adding a new concept to its roster, and it's for all lovers of the Japanese skewers!

Starting Friday, October 23, the new food concept from Boracay’s The Sunny Side Group (who has also brought Spicebird to Manila!) will be firing up their grill to serve us savory skewers!

Please Senpai Yakitori at Off-Grid
Vegetable and Chicken Yakitori Bowls by Please, Senpai

Off-Grid virtual foodhall is adding this new concept to its roster, and it’s for all lovers of the Japanese Yakitori.

Have Japanese Yakitori delievered to your doorstep!

Please, Senpai is a ‘ghost kitchen’ concept with a menu available exclusively for delivery. Their menu currenly has assorted yakitori (Chicken, Pork, and Vegetable) in yakitori bowls, yakitori trays, and you can also order yakitori per stick.

Please Senpai Yakitori at Off-Grid - Chicken Yakitori Bowl
Chicken Yakitori Bowl (P320): 1 piece Breast, 1 piece Thigh, 1 piece Tsukune (Chicken Balls)
Vegetable Yakitori Bowl (P295): 1 piece Mushroom, 1 piece Tofu, 1 piece Eggplant with steamed rice, onsen egg, tempura flakes, nori, furikake, Japanese pickles, and tare sauce

Their Yakitori Bowls include three yakitori sticks, rice with topped with tempura flakes, nori, furikake, and Japanese pickles. Included on the side is an onsen egg (which was perfectly silky-soft when cracked open upon delivery!), and a lipsmacking tare sauce which is made in-house. Pro-tip: order extra portions of the sauce because it’s just so good to drizzle it on your rice and yakitori!

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Please, Senpai will start taking orders tomorrow, October 23. To order, call 0917-7030729 or message Off-Grid on Facebook and Instagram. They will soon be available via Grab Food, LalaFood, and Pick-A-Roo! For more updates, follow Please, Senpai on Instagram and Facebook.

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