Off-Grid Virtual Food Hall Delivery

‘Off-Grid’ Virtual Food Hall: Shawarma Rice, Pares, and More Comfort Eats

From the folks behind The Grid Food Market comes Off-Grid: a virtual food hall concept ready to serve you comfort food like shawarma rice, lomi, and beef pares straight to your doorstep!

Our current quarantine situation has significantly changed our dining habits, with most (if not all) our eating happening at the comfort and safety of our home. So Off-Grid, being off the grid–a new establishment not having a physical dining space–is something really reflective of our times. In this virtual food hall, they are serving up down-home comfort food grub (and hangover food).

Off-Grid currently has three stalls in their virtual food hall. There’s Ang Paw offering Chinese-Filipino dishes like Lomi and Maki Mee, and Kebabu for shawarma rice (they have it in Fried Chicken and Pork Kebab variants). The third stall is Papi Pares Pinoy, serving their take on beef pares rice and beef noodles. 

Off-Grid is now open for orders and delivery every day from 11am to 7pm. To order, call 0917 703 0729, use their online form at, or send them a message on Facebook or Instagram. Also available via Foodpanda and Grab Food.

Looking for more Food Delivery options in the metro? Click here!


Homestream featured image from Off-Grid Facebook.

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