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Eat Of The Week: Cheesy Fried Bread Perfect for All-Day Snacking

Banhof Bakery may be well-known for their sweet treats, but their Langos is a deep-fried cheesy delight perfect for lovers of savory carbs.

It was about a decade ago when I was first introduced to a golden brown, deep-fried carb named Lángos. Hailing from Hungary, it’s a street food staple in its country of origin and a traditional breakfast flatbread. It has all the ingredients that would make one salivate: cheese, sour cream, garlic, and butter. Did I mention it’s also deep fried?

Langos Hungarian Fried Bread by Banhof Bakery

Sadly, the Hungarian restaurant has long gone. And also, I don’t think this particular bread is very common in restaurants or bakeries in the metro. So when Banhof Bakery, an online bakery in Makati, decided to serve up their own version of the Langos, I did not even think about it — I just had to eat it by default.

Banhof may be known for the sweeter treats they bake such as cookies and brownies (oh, how fudgy those brownies are!), but their new deep-fried delight is perfect for lovers of savory carbs. If you haven’t had Langos, then this is the perfect time to try it by ordering some for delivery.

Langos: A Deep Fried Delight

The Hungarian fried bread gets its name from láng which is the Hungarian word for flame. Originally, langos is baked close to the flames, but eventually people cooked it in oil. The dough itself is quite similar to a pizza dough, with the cheesy chewiness of a Brazilian pão de queijo. It is topped with a glorious combination of sour cream and grated cheese, and garnished with dried basil flakes.

It’s best if you toast this a little bit in the oven to get an extra crisp exterior. Chomp on a big chunk of this chewy bread and revel in the different textures of crisp meeting chewy, the saucy topping all coming together for tangy and cheesy. The fluffiness of the bread is addicting, with wisps of yeast from the dough pleasant on the palate. I know this is great as a snack, as is. But I also tried it as a side carb for my tomato pasta. And it absolutely works (and might even be better!) as a replacement to your staple of garlic bread.


The Dish: Langos (Classic – P150 per piece; Breakfast – P180 per piece)

Where to Find it: Banhof Bakery, available for delivery every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Order online via their Order Form. Follow Banhof on Instagram and Facebook or more information.


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