Bubu Bars Dark Chocolate Cacao Crunch

This Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream Bar Makes Its Debut at Auro’s World Chocolate Fair

Get your hands on Bubu Bars' Dark Chocolate Cacao Crunch at Auro Chocolate's World Chocolate Fair!

A little over a year since its launch and a few limited edition flavors later, Bubu Bars is back with yet another decadent dessert. To celebrate World Chocolate Day, they have introduced their newest flavor that took them seven months of R&D — Dark Chocolate Cacao Crunch (P220).

This deep, dark, and decadent bar is priced at P220 just like its older siblings. It is a rich dark chocolate vegan ice cream, covered in a thin shell of Auro 64% single origin dark chocolate topped with crunchy cacao nibs and a sprinkling of Maldon Sea Salt.

Just like its older siblings, it is priced at P220 per bar. It will be available at the Auro Chocolate’s World Chocolate Fair from July 6 to 10, 2022, and online afterward.

These Beautiful Ice Cream Bars Are Vegan, Plant-Based and Dairy-Free

Auro Chocolate’s World Chocolate Fair is back for the third time for a five-day event. Sample limited-edition desserts crafted with Auro Chocolate at the Main Atrium of S Maison, Conrad Manila from July 6 to 10, 2022.


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