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Bubu Bars Vegan Ice Cream

These Beautiful Ice Cream Bars Are Vegan, Plant-Based and Dairy-Free

Bubu Bars has three flavors, priced at P220 per bar.

A brand launched only five months in the making, Bubu Bars has instantly found a following for frozen desserts aficionados. In an interview, couple Ria and Jake Soriano share they’ve only recently found out they were both lactose intolerant — a reason that led them to develop their own frozen dessert.

“While there were several options in the market, we felt they weren’t indulgent enough as the ones we were used to,” shares Ria who’s in charge of recipe testing, development, and production. They’ve finally reached the consistency and flavors they were looking for after countless experimentation in their kitchen.

Meanwhile, her husband Jake is in charge of operations and all the marketing needs for their newly-launched brand. Visit their Instagram feed and be in awe of how beautifully executed the ice cream bars are. As for the inspiration behind the brand’s name, it comes from Jake’s childhood nickname “Bum Bum”. Their goal is for their customers to experience the same giddy feeling you get when you finally get a treat. I was actually pretty impressed and I was doing my happy-nod after I took my first bite.

They currently have three flavors available but are planning to add more exciting ones to the menu. Ria shares they’re always in the process of testing new flavors so that’s definitely something to look forward to. What I appreciate most in their bars is the transparency of the ingredients and they also provide the macros for each of their bars. That’s a definite plus point especially for someone like me looking for dessert options while sticking to my macros.

You Little Monkey

Banana lovers, this is for you! You Little Monkey (P220) is the first vegan flavor they’ve ever developed. It is a luscious ice cream blend with caramelized roasted bananas covered in thick 55% single origin dark chocolate with toasted almonds and Biscoff crumble.


Nuts For You

If you’re one who’s a fan of the classics, Nuts For You (P220) is their nod to the classic chocolate-vanilla ice cream. It has a hint of Bourbon vanilla and light creamy caramel covered in thick 55% single origin dark chocolate topped with salted almond praline.

Fancy Pants

Ria shares that prior to making vegan ice cream, she used to make dairy ice cream and this was the first flavor that sparked her interest in making ice cream at home. She has always wanted to recreate the flavor but now using non-dairy ingredients. Fancy Pants (P220) is a sweet and tart ice cream blended with roasted strawberries coated in thick 77% single origin dark chocolate topped with freeze-dried strawberries.

Which are you trying first? Bubu Bars has fresh drops almost every week in limited quantities. Check their Instagram for announcements and order via their website.

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