Weekender Guide: May 10, 11, and 12, 2019

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Still don't know where to go for the weekend? Here are the events and places to check out in the coming days. 

M Butterfly
May 9 to 19 (Globe Auditorium)

René Gallimard is a member of the French embassy in China. René is mild mannered and considers himself to be poor with women. He meets and falls in love with Chinese opera star Song Liling, a woman whom he considers to be the embodiment of the perfect woman, Madame Butterfly. But when West meets East… Everything is not what it seems….

Tickets are priced from P1000 to P2000 and can be purchased from TicketWorld. 

The Dresser
May 3 to 26 (OnStage Theater, Greenbelt 1)

As German bombs lay England to waste, a touring theater company prepares for production of King Lear. Sir, a tormented but brilliant thespian, arrives on set in a delusional state.

Norman, his loyal dresser, does all he can to ensure that the show goes on, much to the disapproval of the company, who have had enough of Sir’s erratic behavior. As the theater fills up and an air-raid commences, Sir steps onstage as Lear while the company crosses its fingers. A poignant look at age, companionship, and the persistence of art in a time of war, The Dresser foregrounds humanity at its most vulnerable.

The production stars Audie Gemora, Teroy Guzman, Jeremy Domingo, Tami Monsod, and more. 

Tickets are priced from P1200 to P1500, and can be purchased via TicketWorld.

Mom, you deserve a break: Week-Long Treats for Mom​
May 6 to 12 (Power Plant Mall)

Moms are our real-life superheroes. Full-time wonder women and domestic queens in their own right, they are more than deserving of a much-needed break and finally take care of themselves. 

From May 6 to 12, Power Plant Mall is making it extra special for all moms with a week-long celebration filled with fun activities and treats for mom and the whole family!

Check out our Flower Fair at the North Court (near Mango) featuring blooms from The Glasshouse Flowers, Designer Blooms, Holland Tulips, Te Amo Floristeria, Aruga, and come home with a sweet-smelling bouquet for mom.

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