Snowdrop (2021)

Drama, Soap, War & Politics
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A desperate love story between Young-ro, a youthful female freshman student, and Soo-ho, a prestigious but mysterious university graduate, who one day jumps into her room, at a women's university dormitory, covered in blood from running away of a dangerous situation. Despite the strict surveillance, she helps him on hiding and healing which develops their relationship that goes against the tragic era of 1987 in Seoul.

Main Cast
Jung Hae-in, Kim Ji-soo, Yoo In-na
Yoo Hyun-mi
Jo Hyun-tak
Produced By
JTBC, Disney+
Release Date
Ratings & Reviews
  • Snowdrop has an epic feel with the time period (late 80s), the large cast, and its explosive plot. Jung Hae-in is captivating as Im Soo-ho. Kim Ji-soo struggles at the start but finds her footing later on. The plot can get repetitive and can get dragging but it ends very strong. Yoo In-na is great

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