The Flowers are Blooming

Drama, Historical, Romance

The princess of the Great Xiao Kingdom, Chen Langyue (played by Xu Jiaqi), was obsessed with construction work and sneaked out of the palace to join the Mu Yu craftsman team founded by talented materialist Li Qingfeng (played by Huang Shengchi) opening up to a romantic story between the two. Several Great Xiao teenagers with different personalities gathered together for their own ideals, and together they built up strange and interesting buildings. They quarreled and squabbled, yet gives each other warmth and support. They went through twists and turns, and transformed their own hearts. In the end, everyone in Mu Yu craftsman team got their own growth and destination. 

[Source: iQIYI]

Main Cast
Kiki Xu, Huang Sheng Chi, Wu Yang
Kenne Yam
Produced By
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