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Online couple Beth and Cindy, aka BetCin, is on the verge of breaking up. As they cook up their plan on how to best to say goodbye to their followers — the UMAMI’S — they receive an oddly- timed message: 
You have been selected as one of the semi-finalists for our search for #RelationshipGoals of #RelationshipGoals. 

What is at stake? 10 million pesos cash and a lot of other prizes! 

They both need the money, but can they pretend that they are the ideal couple in front of every Umami liking, sharing, and commenting on their every social media content? Can they still tolerate each other’s crazy? 

[Source: Rein Entertainment]

Main Cast
Kylie Padilla, Andrea Torres, Elora Espano, Chai Fonacier
Shugo Praico
Produced By
Rein Entertainment
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