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Today, October 26
10:00 am Fairy Tail
10:30 am Knock Out
11:00 am Balitanghali
12:00 pm Siestas Piesta Movies
02:00 pm Playful Kiss
02:45 pm La Dona
03:30 pm Afternoon Movie Break
05:30 pm Dapat Alam Mo!
06:30 pm 24 Oras
Tonight, October 26
08:00 pm G! Flicks
09:45 pm Legal Wives
10:30 pm State Of The Nation
11:00 pm Saksi
11:30 pm La Dona
11:30 pm La Dona
Tomorrow, October 27
05:30 am Melo Del Prado Sa Super Radyo
07:00 am Super Balita Sa Umaga Nationwide
08:00 am Saksi Sa Dobol B
09:00 am Regional TV News
09:30 am Pokemon The Series: XYZ
10:00 am Fairy Tail