A Love So Beautiful

WATCH: The Trailer to the K-Drama Adaptation of ‘A Love So Beautiful’

The drama stars Produce X 101's Kim Yo Han and So Joo Yeon!

In case you’ve missed it, a Korean adaptation of the 2017 hit Chinese drama A Love So Beautiful is in the works! Now, Netflix has finally treated us with the official trailer to the upcoming drama, which launches globally this December 28. The new drama stars Kim Yo Han, So Joo Yeon, and Yoo Hoe Hyun.

Check it out below:

A Love So Beautiful tells the love story between a cheerful high school girl named Shin Sol Yi, who has been crushing on her next-door neighbor and childhood friend Cha Heon for the longest time. Things change between the two of them when the talented swimmer and transfer student Woo Dae Sung enters the picture and becomes closer with Sol Yi.

Produce X 101’s Kim Yo Han will be starring as Cha Heon, while So Joo Yeon (Dr. Romantic 2) and Yeo Hoe Hyun (Leverage) will be playing Shin Sol Yi and Woo Dae Sung, respectively.

A Love So Beautiful launches on Netflix this December 28. While waiting for the new K-drama, you can watch and re-watch the original Chinese drama, which is now streaming on Netflix.


Homestream image is from Kakao TV.

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TV Show Info

A Love So Beautiful
Comedy, Romance
Produced by
Kakao TV / Netflix
Kakao M

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