Feel-Good K-Dramas: Reply 1997 and Her Private

10 Feel-Good K-Dramas That Will Get You Through a Bad Day

Watch these dramas if you're looking for something that will give you good vibes!

With the times we’re in right now, it’s not really a bad thing for us to want something that’ll give you good vibes that you need. Luckily, K-dramaland has a good selection of titles that doesn’t only make you feel kilig, but also make you laugh out loud when you need it most.

In this article, we’re giving you a rundown of 10 feel-good K-dramas (aside from the crowd-favorites Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) that you could binge-watch on days that feel extra blue and stressful:

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Which of these are you watching first? Let us know in the comments!

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Homestream images are from Naver Movie, SBS, and Kim Soo Hyun’s official Instagram page.

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