Underrated K-dramas you need to watch

10 Underrated K-Dramas Every Fan Has to Discover

With all the new dramas that are being released almost every week, there’s always going to be one that will stand out from the rest, and another that will be less talked about. However, just because a drama isn’t talked about by most people doesn’t mean that it’s automatically not good, right?

Whether you’re a K-drama newbie or have been following all the high-rating shows and just want to discover hidden gems online in the last couple of years, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed down 10 underrated K-dramas you should definitely check out:

Chicago Typewriter
Number of Episodes: 16

First aired in 2017, Chicago Typewriter is a drama that follows 3 revolutionary fighters of 1930s Korea who are reincarnated in the 21st century. Now a successful writer, Han Se Ju must figure out and write the story of their past lives with the help of his fan Jeon Seol and the ghostwriter Yoo Jin Oh. The drama stars Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, and Im Soo Jung.

Stream it on: Netflix

The Package
Number of Episodes: 12

The Package centers on Yoon So So (Lee Yeon Hee), who works as a travel guide in France when she gets stranded in the country. Through her job, she meets many travelers with different stories, including San Ma Roo (Jung Yong Hwa), and Kim Gyung Jae (Choi Woo Sik). While they all don’t want to get involved with each other’s personal lives, they eventually get closer as they travel together.


Stream it on: iFlix

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Hogu’s Love
Number of Episodes: 16

Hogu’s Love stars Choi Woo Sik as Ho Goo, who has never dated before in his life as people always take advantage of his kindness. When he gets reunited with his first love Do Hee (played by Uee), a competitive member of the swimming team, he takes his chance to befriend her, not knowing that she is keeping a secret that eventually leads to their complicated relationship.

Hello, My Twenties (Age of Youth)
Number of Episodes: 12

Hello, My Twenties is about five girls, all in their twenties, who live in a house called “Belle Epoque”. Despite their differences in personalities, and backgrounds, they are all still bonded because of their sympathy for one another. The drama follows their dreams, struggles, and relationships with their friends, with their partners, and with each other. It stars Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Park Eun Bin, Ryu Hwa Young, and Park Hye Su.

Stream it on: Netflix

The Rebel (The Rebel Thief Who Stole People)
Number of Episodes:

The Rebel is a historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty, during the reign of the tyrant King Yeonsangun. It centers on Hong Gil Dong who, despite being born as a slave, won the hearts of the people. The drama chronicles Gil Dong’s journey as he becomes Joseon’s first revolutionary activist, fighting against the powerful elites. It stars Yoon Gyun Sang, Chae Soo Bin, Kim Ji Sook, and Lee Ha Nui.

Stream it on: Netflix

Life On Mars
Number of Episodes: 16

A remake of the UK TV series, Life on Mars is about Han Tae Joo, leader of the crime investigation team, who suddenly finds himself in the winter of 1988 after getting involved in an accident while investigating a murder case. Now a detective who’s tasked to work at a police station in a small city, he must solve the case to be able to go back to the present day.

Stream it on: Viu

Come Back Mister
Number of Episodes: 16

Come Back Mister follows Kim Yeong Soo, a man who was worked to death and comes back to the living world in the body of the attractive Lee Hae Joon. This drama stars Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, Kim In Kwon, Kim Soo Roo, Lee Min Jung, and more.

Stream it on: Viu

Prison Playbook
Number of Episodes: 16

Prison Playbook centers on Kim Je Hyuk, a famous baseball player who is arrested after he use force on a man who is trying to sexually assault his sister. Sentenced to a year in prison, the drama tells about Je Hyuk’s time in prison, the events that happened there, and the other prisoners he meets. It stars Park Hae Soo, Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Woong In, and Choi Moo Sung.

Stream it on: Netflix

Search: WWW
Number of Episodes: 16

Search: WWW follows the story of 21st century women who chose to work and be successful in their careers instead of being a wife or a mother. It centers on Bae Ta Mi, already in her late 30s and is the director of a big web portal company. The drama stars Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee, and Jeon Hye Jin.

Stream it on: Netflix; Viu

Dear My Friends
Number of Episodes: 16

Dear My Friends centers on a group of elders who are already in the final years of their lives, and how they make the most of the time we have. Throughout the drama, the characters continue to rediscover themselves through love and family. It stars Kim Hye Ja, Na Moon Hee, Ko Du Shim, Jo In Sung, Ko Hyun Jung, and more.

Stream it on: Netflix

Homestream images courtesy of Naver.

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