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WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Japan Sinks: 2020’ Trailer is About Surviving a Disaster

An ordinary family must fight for survival after massive earthquakes left their country in total chaos.

From the director of Devilman Crybaby, Masaaki Yuasa, comes a new anime series where Japan is jeopardized by massive earthquakes.

Titled Japan Sinks: 2020, this new series will follow an ordinary family in Japan who must fight for their survival after a series of earthquakes put the country in total chaos.

Watch the trailer below:

The film revolves around the members of the Muto family– the 14-year old Ayumu who is an ace track and field player; her brother Go who is obsessed with online gaming; their mother Mari who is a former swimmer; and their father Koichiro who has dependable survival skills. When a major earthquake strikes Japan, the Muto family makes a desperate escape from Tokyo, but they’ll soon realize that the disaster has only begun.

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Japan Sinks: 2020 is based on the bestselling sci-fi novel of Sakyo Komatsu in 1973, which has also been adapted into different forms of entertainment such as films and TV series.

The upcoming show will star the voices of Reina Ueda, Tomo Muranaka, and Yuko Sasaki. It is set to premiere on the streaming service this July 9. For more information, visit its official page on Netflix.

Homestream image courtesy of Netflix.

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TV Show Info

Japan Sinks: 2020
Animation, Adventure, Drama
Produced by
Masaaki Yuasa

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