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Superstars Rain and Kim Ha Neul Talk About Their New Drama ‘Red Swan’ on Disney+

Get the inside scoop on Disney+'s new K-Drama 'Red Swan' as superstars Rain and Kim Ha Neul discuss their roles, chemistry, and what makes this action-packed thriller a must-watch.

Last July 2, the cast and director of the new K-Drama produced by Disney+Red Swan’ held a press conference on the day before the first episode was released on the streaming platform. ClickTheCity was invited to watch as the cast – which includes Korean superstars Kim Ha Neul and Jung Ji-Hoon (better known as Rain) as well as Jung Gyu-woon, Seo Yi Sook, and Ki Eun Se – talked about the show and showed off their vibrant personalities.

The drama promises to be an action-packed suspense thriller with a very healthy dose of romance. Kim Ha Neul stars as Oh Wan Soo, a former world champion professional golfer who marries into a chaebol family and becomes a UN Goodwill Ambassador whose work threatens terrorist organizations and has her at their crosshairs. Jung Ji-Hoon plays a former policeman who becomes Wan Soo’s bodyguard, but he has an agenda of his own. From the first two episodes, while Wan Soo faces a threat from the outside, her biggest threat may come from her husband’s mother (Seo Yi Sook).

Photo courtesy of Disney+

Like any press conference, the moderator invites each of the cast to come up on stage for photos and then asked the two leads, Kim Ha Neul and Jung Ji-Hoon to pose together. Immediately, you can see their chemistry playing off of each other when the moderator asks them to pose as their characters, and Rain immediately imitates a security detail, complete with gesturing towards his ear as if he was wearing an earpiece. The two laugh at the gesture but are able to get serious enough for one good shot.

From the get-go, you can see how comfortable they are with each other which plays off well onscreen as the passion between the two characters are already evident as early as episode one.

On the flipside, when Seo Yi Sook joins the two on stage, they were asked to make “fatal pose” and Rain opens his arms for a hug to Seo Yi Sook, who also laughs. The irony is at play here as it seems that Seo Yi Sook may play the main villain.

Photo courtesy of Disney+

When it was time to answer questions from the press, the cast was joined by Park Hong-kyun. The first question was directed to the leads, and they were asked why they accepted to do ‘Red Swan.’ Kim Ha Neul opened up about how she had loved ‘The Bodyguard’ with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston so it was a chance to do her own version. But what really gripped her was how strong the script was. For Jung Ji Hoon, he had always wanted to work with director Park Hong Kyun and every time a project would surface, something always came up and the project never pushed through. So when this show was offered to him, he said yes immediately.

Director Park Hong Kyun is known for his action-packed style of directing and had always wanted to work with Rain in an action-led series. He knew what Rain could do as an action star and was very happy that Rain was always giving a lot of ideas in how to do certain action scenes. The two seemed like willing collaborators to make the show more thrilling. It also gives a glimpse of Rain’s experience and creative side. Jung Ji-Hoon is a very physical actor and likes to do his own stunts. “I like to be responsible for my action sequences,” he said. What shocked Park Hong Kyun, though, was Jung Ji-Hoon’s emotional strength. He was the last person cast for the drama and he was chosen because of his experience in action but his vulnerability became the show’s hidden strength.

Source: Disney+ FB

“My character doesn’t have a lot of lines,” Jung Ji-Hoon said. “So, I have to work a lot with just how I look and I have to act with only my eyes.” Park Hong Kyun was amazed and was not expecting this side of Jung Ji-Hoon’s range as an actor. He also shared that Rain had worked closely with their consultant on how to properly project and come off like a real bodyguard and Rain said that part of it was having to speak with a “cool tone,” which he had observed from his research. The moderator then asked him if he could try speaking with his modulated voice and the actor asked for a moment and he fixed his posture and then, with a totally new tone of voice asked the audience to please support the drama.

For Kim Ha Neul, she watched a lot of Goodwill Ambassadors and tried to capture their grace and poise. And while she golfs in her leisure time, she had to really train hard as her character “was the best in the world” and she knew she couldn’t just fake it. For Jung Gyu-woon, who plays the husband of Kim Ha Neul, he wanted to steer away from a stereotypical chaebol heir. While his character is problematic, he pushed for the character to be truly in love with Oh Wan Soo so that there would be a tortured nuance to the character. “He’s a complex character,” he said, “And I want to show him struggling that his wife, which he loves so much, has so much friction with his mother.”

Photo courtesy of Disney+

On the other hand, Ki Eun Se sees her character as a sort of comic relief. From the first two episodes, she comes off as a family friend, sometimes a nanny to On Wan Soo’s child but she has her own agenda and it’s to take Jung Gyu-woon for her own. “Her story is the one that breaks all the tension,” she says, laughing. 

Red Swan

With the many genres that are playing out in ‘Red Swan,’ the two leads were asked what approached did they focus on the most and while Kim Ha Neul felt that her character was more focused on the threats to her life, that as an actress, she focused on the mystery and the intrigue – the suspense genre that pushes the show’s plot forward – but for Rain, he felt that he wanted to focus more on the romance aspect of the story. Because he wanted to put the relationship of Oh Wan Soo and her bodyguard at the center, he opted to say the lines as written and to avoid from doing improvisations to help Kim Ha Neul work with him for their passionate scenes.With the show’s pedigree of great talent involved and the sort of camaraderie that they projected during this press conference; ‘Red Swan’ may be a show to watch out for on Disney+.

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