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“Sem Break” Premieres May 10 on Viva One – New Horrors Unfold Every Friday

Gear up for the chilling premiere of "SEM BREAK" on May 10, 2024. Join the Univerkada in a haunting adventure every Friday, exclusively on Viva One. Dive into a blend of horror and drama with a Filipino twist.

Viva One, in collaboration with Studio Viva, is thrilled to announce the premiere of “Sem Break“, a spine-tingling addition to the beloved University Series. Following the immense success of “Safe Skies, Archer”, this fresh six-part series is set to captivate horror enthusiasts and drama fans alike, starting May 10, 2024, with new episodes unraveling every Friday.

Jerome Ponce and Krissha Viaje

A Haunting Getaway Turns Deadly
Sem Break” plunges into the supernatural beliefs deep-rooted in Filipino culture, where an innocent vacation can spiral into a terrifying ordeal. The series follows a group of university friends, fondly known as the Univerkada, who decide to spend their semester break at a secluded beach house, unaware of the horrors that await.

Star-Studded Ensemble Cast
The ensemble features Krissha Viaje as Mich, the doting girlfriend to Jerome Ponce‘s character, Arlo. Aubrey Caraan and Keann Johnson portray Cora and Timmy, whose tumultuous relationship adds an exciting dynamic to the group. Hyacinth Callado shines as Jessie, the hardworking student balancing academics and survival, while Gab Lagman‘s portrayal of Pipo, the brainy scholar whose family owns the vacation home, rounds out the crew.

Krissha Viaje and Aubrey Caraan

The Lighthouse Mystery
The serenity of their getaway is disrupted when curiosity leads them to a forbidden lighthouse, setting off a chain of chilling events that will test their friendship and bravery. Directed by Roni S. Benaid, known for his work on hit horror films “Mary Cherry Chua” and “Marita”, this series promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Tune in for a Terrifying Adventure
Don’t miss the premiere of “Sem Break” on Viva One. Join the Univerkada as they navigate the eerie twists and turns of their haunted holiday. Will they escape the sinister spirits that follow them back to Manila? Tune in for a thrilling ride that explores the supernatural in a way that’s uniquely Filipino.

The Univerkada

Catch the first episode of “Sem Break” on May 10, 2024, and follow every fright-filled Friday exclusively on Viva One.

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