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What’s New with Drag Den with Manila Luzon Season Two: Retribution? 

Experience a fierce revival as Manila Luzon returns for Season Two of "Drag Den," bringing retribution and a fresh wave of excitement to the iconic drag competition.

A year since the premiere of the sensational hit Filipino show Drag Den with Manila Luzon comes its much-awaited follow-up: Drag Den with Manila Luzon Season Two: Retribution.  Prime Video’s first renewal of local content in Southeast Asia, premieres January 18, 2024, in the Philippines and 240 countries and territories worldwide with a new episode released every week.

Producer CS Studios, series creator and director Rod Singh, and showrunner Antoinette Jadaone of Project 8 Projects are back to creatively helm the show to another successful run. Fans can also be assured of returning hosts Manila Luzon, Nicole Cordoves, and Sassa Gurl.

So what’s new to look forward to in the show’s sophomore season? 

Here’s what’s new:

  1. New Season

There’s a new story. 


Drag Den with Manila Luzon’s first season explored the origins of the drag cartel and emphasized the inclusion of local drag queens in the judging panel — a significant moment in the world of drag competitions on TV. It also marked the introduction of a “no eliminations” format. In season 2, the competition officially begins, as contestants compete for the title of the next Pinoy Drag Supreme.

Season 1 of Drag Den with Manila Luzon was characterized by themes and language that were geared toward Filipino audiences. In a similar vein, season 2 of the show will showcase cultures and art forms that are both foreign and shared but still resonate with Filipino sensibilities. By doing so, the show hopes to influence Filipino culture and create subcultures that are uniquely Filipino.

2. New Den

The drag cartel has moved to a new den with three parts for season 2 – the alley, arcade, and mainstage. It’s a mix of steampunk and cyberpunk, and promises to be a more intense and psychedelic experience compared to season 1.

3. New Game

Elimination happens after every episode. Manila walks with the eliminated queen, giving them a supportive message. 

The Main Drag Showdown can be on any stage. 

The Dragdagulan winner gets immunity from elimination and competes in a three-way lipsync battle chosen by drawing lots.

4. New Rules

The Drag Cartel now includes 4-5 judges and Season 1 queens as Drag Agents on duty. Three sexy men, the Bagmen, also join the group.

5. New Judges

Yeng Constantino, Bini, Rufa Mae Quinto, Alaska Thunderfuck, Alodia Gosengfiao, Andrea Brillantes, and Dolly de Leon add glimmer to the show as enlisted judges or “Guest Drag Enforcers” for every competition episode.

6. New Songs

A new main theme song is coming! The previous season’s theme song was so catchy that it became an earworm. The new song, called “Pom Pom” (Take Me High), is performed by Manila Luzon featuring Sassa Gurl. It will be available on various digital music platforms in January. The song was written by Silas, produced by Rod Singh and Silas, and released by UMG Philippines under Republic Records.

In addition, the Season Two Drag Den Queens will be releasing their song called “Sustah”. It will also be available on digital music platforms in January. The song was written by Kumareng Harvey and Silas, produced by Rod Singh and Silas, and released by CS Music.

Drag Den with Manila Luzon Season Two: Retribution will be available for streaming worldwide starting January 18, 2024, on Prime Video. Drag Den with Manila Luzon is also now on Prime Video, along with thousands of amazing titles – all for only Php 149 per month.

For more updates on Drag Den with Manila Luzon Season Two, follow Prime Video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Stream anywhere, anytime at or download the Prime Video app on Google Play, Apple Store, and Microsoft.

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