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“A Shop for Killers” Debuts on Disney+: A Thrilling Korean Action Series to Start Your New Year!

Catch the riveting Korean action series "A Shop for Killers" starting January 17, 2024, exclusively on Disney+. Dive into the suspenseful story of survival, secrets, and thrilling action!

Excitement is building as Disney+ prepares to launch its newest Korean action series, “A Shop for Killers,” set to premiere on January 17, 2024. This series promises to be a heart-pounding addition to Disney+’s Korean Originals lineup, blending intense action with a gripping narrative.

The Plot: Survival, Secrets, and Suspense

Set against the backdrop of contemporary Korea, “A Shop for Killers” follows the harrowing journey of Jeong Jian, a college student whose life takes a perilous turn. Caught in the crosshairs of lethal assassins, Jian takes refuge in her childhood home, only to find herself embroiled in a dangerous web of secrets and survival. She is forced to tap into the lessons from her enigmatic uncle, which become crucial in her fight for survival. With each episode, viewers will be drawn deeper into the mystery of Jian’s uncle’s past and the reasons behind the deadly pursuit.

Star-Studded Cast Brings the Story to Life

Lee Dongwook, renowned for his roles in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and “Tale of the Nine Tailed,” portrays Jinman, Jian’s mysterious uncle. Kim Hyejun, known for her performances in “Connect” and “Kingdom,” takes on the role of Jian, finding herself on a dangerous path. The series, based on Kang Jiyoung’s popular novel, is crafted by the creative minds of writers Ji Hojin and Lee Kwon and directed by Lee Kwon (“Door Lock,” “Save Me 2”).


Join the Korean Drama Excitement on Disney+

A Shop for Killers” joins an impressive roster of Korean Originals on Disney+, including “Big Bet” and “The Worst of Evil.” Subscribers can immerse themselves in a world of enthralling dramas, rich storytelling, and captivating characters.

Mark Your Calendars!

Don’t miss the chance to experience this electrifying eight-part series. “A Shop for Killers” streams exclusively on Disney+ starting January 17, 2024. Prepare for a journey filled with suspense, action, and drama like never before!

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