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Whispers of the Heart: ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ Premieres on Disney+

Experience a transcendent tale of love with 'Tell Me That You Love Me', where a struggling actress and a deaf artist find a connection beyond words, streaming November 27 on Disney+.

Heartstrings Tugged Without a Single Whisper

Ah, the power of love! It knows no bounds, no barriers, and certainly, it doesn’t always need words to be felt. That’s the essence we’re set to soak up in the upcoming Korean drama Tell Me That You Love Me, launching into our hearts and onto our screens come November 27, only on Disney+.

A Symphony of Silent Stares

Picture this: Jung Moeun, played by the stellar Shin Hyunbeen, is a budding actress whose luck in the industry is as flickering as a candle in the wind. And then there’s Cha Jinwoo, portrayed by the acclaimed Jung Woosung, whose world is an oasis of silence; a deaf artist whose paintbrush speaks volumes more than words ever could. Their worlds collide, and a story blooms—a narrative etched not in decibels, but in the unspoken connection that weaves between their hearts. Prepare to be moved!

Seeing Love Through a Different Lens


Let’s chat about this love story, shall we? It’s an odyssey of affection that will redefine the clichés. As Jung Moeun and Cha Jinwoo keep serendipitously crossing paths, they’ll teach us that sometimes love is a feeling heard best in the quiet. Tell Me That You Love Me isn’t just a series; it’s an experience that nudges us to listen with more than our ears—to tune into the melodies played by heartstrings.

An Ode to Classics with a Twist

Kudos to the creators for sprinkling a little stardust from the Japanese classic and giving it a whirl of Korean magic. The ensemble is nothing short of brilliant—with Kim Jihyun adding layers as Jinwoo’s complex ex, and Lee Jaekyun weaving musical narratives as Moeun’s childhood pal.

Crafted by Kim Minjeong’s emotive writing and Kim Younjin’s visionary direction, Tell Me That You Love Me is a tapestry of tender moments, raw emotions, and an ode to the unspoken.

Tune In to the Unheard Melody

Mark your calendars, folks! Whether it’s a solo watch-party or a shared experience, the invitation is open. Join us as we unravel the threads of a bond that speaks in the language of empathy, gestures, and the silent exchange of souls. Tell Me That You Love Me is more than just a series; it’s a gentle reminder of love’s quiet power.

Remember, sometimes the most profound conversations are those that happen in silence. So, let’s meet in the quiet corners of our living rooms, where the whispers of the heart resonate the loudest. Tune into Disney+ on November 27, and let Tell Me That You Love Me echo through the silence, loud and clear.

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