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‘Replacing Chef Chico’: Netflix’s Debut Filipino Series Blends Romance & Culinary Drama

Netflix's Filipino series "Replacing Chef Chico" spices up love, drama, and culinary arts. Grab a seat at Hain and taste this cinematic feast premiering on November 24!

A Delectable Mélange of Passion and Cuisine

Where love simmers and food reigns supreme. Combine these, and you’ve got a recipe for a captivating series. Presenting, the very first local Netflix production in series form, that brings love and gourmet cooking together on one plate: Replacing Chef Chico.

Star-Studded Culinary Drama

Helmed by the talented troika: Director Dan Villegas, Assistant Director Joi Bayan, and Showrunner Antoinette Jadaone, this series boasts an impressive cast. Piolo Pascual, Alessandra de Rossi, and Sam Milby bring their A-game, portraying characters whose lives entangle in the heart of a top-tier restaurant, Hain.

Whipping up the Plot

Set in the ritzy confines of “Hain,” an avant-garde restaurant, the story revolves around its signature style: dishes crafted to reflect diners’ personal tales. However, chaos ensues when the head honcho, Chef Chico (portrayed by the charismatic Sam Milby), is sidelined due to a mishap. Now, the restaurant’s destiny dangles between the seasoned hands of sous chef Chef Ella (a brilliant Alessandra de Rossi) and the intriguing new consultant Raymond (played by the suave Piolo Pascual). Ahem, there’s a dash of romance in the air, if you hadn’t guessed!

During the “See What’s Next” event, Showrunner Antoinette Jadaone, known for hits like “Fan Girl” and “That Thing Called Tadhana,” gushed about her fondness for culinary shows shaping this series. She quipped, “I think it’s perfect for the Christmas season because, at its core, it’s about love, friendship, and acceptance. Each episode tells a story of family, friendship, and love, all celebrated over food.”

The duo, Jadaone and Villegas, also shared their enthusiasm about the revolutionizing world of streaming and its impact on Filipino viewership. Produced in collaboration with CS Studios and Project8, Replacing Chef Chico is an ode to Filipino flavors in more ways than one.


Ready to Feast?

Mark those calendars, folks! November 24 is when you let the flavors of Replacing Chef Chico tantalize your cinematic taste buds, exclusively on Netflix. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, garnished with a touch of love, drama, and a whole lot of cooking!

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