WATCH: A Cleaning Lady Gets Dragged into a World of Crime in ‘Unseen’ Trailer

A cleaning lady's search for her husband drives her to violence.

From the producers of Blood and Water comes a new thriller drama on Netflix titled Unseen. The series follows a common cleaning lady who finds herself caught up in a murder. Watch the trailer for Unseen below:

The series follows the cleaning lady Zenzi Mwale, who went to pick up her husband on the day that he’s about to be freed from prison. However, Zenzi discovers that he was released earlier that day and has now gone missing. Her desperate search for the truth forces her to murder a key player of a crime syndicate.

Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua serve as the creators of the show which stars Gail Mabalane, Brendon Daniels, Hein De Vries, Waldemar Shchultz, and Vuyo Dabula. Unseen is set to be released on Netflix this March 29.

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