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Carl of Pixar’s ‘Up’ Goes on a Date in Upcoming ‘Dug Days’ Short

Carl's story resumes in the upcoming 'Dug Days' short!

In Up, Carl and Ellie’s journey through life together has truly left a mark as one of the most memorable sequences in a Pixar film, and continues to tug at our heartstrings even after 14 years since the movie was first released.

This year, Carl’s story continues with an upcoming Dug Days short subtitled Carl’s Date. Further details have yet to be revealed, but the short will reportedly follow Carl as he tries to get into the dating scene again since the death of Ellie, with the hilarious but reliable Dug as his wingman (wingdog?).

For those unfamiliar with the original film, Pixar’s Up follows the old and grumpy balloon salesman Carl, who tries to fulfill his late wife’s forgotten dream– that they find the fabled Paradise Falls. Using balloons tied up on his house, Carl flies away to the wilderness in search of the lost world, only to discover that the little Wilderness Explorer Russell was standing on his front porch, and gets caught up in his adventure.

Dug Days is a series of shorts revolving around the beloved canine in Up. You can stream the first five episodes of the spin-off on Disney+. The upcoming episode is set for release sometime this 2023.

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