How Batwheels Can Inspire Preschoolers To Be Little Heroes

DC’s first-ever Batman preschool series now streaming on HBO GO, and airing weekend mornings on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network.

Parents and their little ones can now join a team of incredible crimefighters to protect the streets of Gotham City! Ride with the Batwheels as they square off against evil alongside Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and more DC Super Heroes streaming now on HBO GO and airing on Cartoon Network’s Cartoonito preschool block on weekends at 9.00am.

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Batwheels is DC’s first-ever Batman preschool series. Led by Bam (The Batmobile), this relatable and aspirational series follows the Batwheels as they learn the ins and outs of being a super team as well as the growing pains that come with being a kid.

Underneath the superhero adventures, the series teaches children about what it means to be a hero by showcasing different character strengths and how they contribute towards a greater good. This aligns with the Humancentric Learning framework of Cartoonito – a programming “block” of content that aims to empower every child to embrace their unique selves and encourages them to interact with others with empathy and respect.

From cool characters, awesome vehicles and more, here’s why you and your little caped crusaders should bond over Batwheels:

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A Fleet of Iconic Vehicles from The DC Universe


The Batwheels are an awesome sentient group of super-powered, crime fighting vehicles. Like his hero Batman, Bam (voiced by Jacob Bertrand) has a strong sense of justice and tries his best to lead the team. Redbird (voiced by Jordan Reed) is Robin’s zippy sports car that’s

always eager to prove himself a worthy sidekick. Bibi (voiced by Madigan Kacmar) is Batgirl’s brave and bold motorcycle, and the fastest among the Batwheels crew.

Other members of the Batwheels include the supersonic jet plane Batwing (voiced by Lilimar), and Buff (voiced by Noah Bentley), a Bat-styled monster truck who can ram through any obstacle in his path. Together, they are supervised by The Batcomputer (voiced by Kimberly D. Brooks), and maintained by Moe (voiced by Mick Wingert), Batman’s well-equipped, highly efficient robot repairman who can fix almost any mechanical glitch.

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New Adventures for The Bat-Family

Alongside the Batweels, the Dark Knight and his allies go all-out in keeping Gotham safe from the Legion of Zoom or Gotham City’s notorious Super-Villains.

Batman (voiced by Ethan Hawke) serves as a father figure to the Batwheels. He is joined by Robin (voiced by AJ Hudson), The Boy Wonder who loves a good mystery, and Batgirl (voiced by Leah Lewis), the tech-savvy daredevil of the Bat-Family.

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The Power of Self-Confidence, Friendship, and Teamwork

Just like kids, each of the Batwheels has unique personal strengths. Bam is a loving leader, Redbird is highly inquisitive, and Bibi loves to take action. Every episode showcases a different character strength such as self-awareness, courage, perseverance, and concern for others – ultimately showing viewers the importance of overcoming both personal and interpersonal challenges.

The series also highlights the values of friendship and teamwork. While the Batwheels may be a group of super-vehicles fighting crime, the main message of the series is how their heroism is fueled not by high-tech gadgets and amazing abilities, but by character strengths such as being a good friend and working well with others.

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