Q&A with the Stars of the New Thrilling K-Drama ‘Revenge of Others’

The series revolves around a girl who is trying to find out the truth behind her brother's mysterious death!

With Disney+ arriving in the Philippines this November 17, most of us are probably most excited by its library of our favorite titles from Disney, Pixar, and the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. But the streamer also has a rich selection of K-dramas that fans will surely appreciate, including the new series Revenge of Others.

Revenge of Others follows the shooting athlete Ok Chanmi who is trying to uncover the truth behind her twin brother’s supposed suicide. Transferring to his school, she meets some interesting personalities that could be key to understanding her brother’s death, including Ji Sooheon who secretly takes revenge on bullies, Seo Jihoon who suffers from amnesia, the white-haired Tae Soyeon, and more!

In a recent press conference, the show’s director Kim Yujin and the cast members Shin Yeeun, Lomon, Seo Jihoon, Chung Subin, and Lee Soomin talked more about the thrilling Korean series. Check out some of its highlights below:

To Director Kim Yujin, how did everything come about and how did you feel about directing this show?

Kim Yujin: This series is written by writer Lee Heemyung who I’ve collaborated with on my past work Reunited Worlds. That’s how things came about. It took about three years from pre-production all the way to where we are now. It took quite some time indeed. Personally, I always wanted to try out a teen show and just like fate, writer Lee provided me with this story centered around high schoolers. The narrative was so immersive and interesting and genre-wise, I thought this was definitely going to stand out among other teen shows – so I just had to take it.

L-R: Chung Subin, Seo Jihoon, Shin Yeeun, Lomon, and Lee Soomin. (Photo courtesy of Disney+)

For the cast members, can you tell us more about your characters?

Shin Yeeun: Chanmi is a promising shooting athlete who wants to major in shooting. After finding out about her brother’s death, she becomes a darker person. She used to be a cheerful and outgoing person but as she delves deeper into her brother’s case, she becomes more of a… How should I put it? I think she became stronger and more resilient. That’s how I saw her.


Lomon: Ji Sooheon seems like he’s got everything – good grades, good at sports and popular at school. But he, in fact, has to take many part-time jobs to make a living and cover his mother’s medical bills. Due to an incident, he chooses to take revenge on behalf of his friends. He is a good fighter. He is so good at kickboxing that he’s almost like a professional kickboxer. So, he’s going to show you some intense action based off of his kickboxing skills.

Seo Jihoon: Jaebum loses his memory of the past year due to a mysterious accident so he was away from school. When he returns to school he wants to blend in and is willing to help out the new girl – Chanmi. I think he was attracted to her. He tries to help her out but he gets wired up in the incident too. When he realizes that the incident has got something to do with his accident, he is thrown into utter confusion. He is a character full of mystery.

Photo courtesy of Disney+

Chung Subin: Soyeon has a tragic past that she keeps hidden. She wants to help out and console anyone who might be experiencing the same thing. She knows that reality is harsh and adults can be cruel. She totally understands that feeling of neglect and expresses those feelings. That’s why she makes plans to take revenge on behalf of her peer students together with Sooheon. She wants to make justice prevail no matter what it takes.

Lee Soomin: Jihyun is the golden girl who’s got everything, but she holds a secret of her own. She’s had a crush on Sooheon for quite some time and when she sees him becoming close to the new girl Chanmi she gets upset and jealous. But as the story progresses, she also gets tangled up in the shocking incident…

Director Kim, what message do you want to send across with this show?

Kim Yujin: When you watch this show, crimes happen and the main leads either take revenge for themselves or on behalf of others. This means that criminals are not getting the punishment they deserve and that these high schoolers who are not even adults have to take matters into their own hands. I mean this series wasn’t intended to throw a social question at the viewers but it can raise awareness of such issues. I wanted to mesh it up with the genre-specific entertainment and the fun.

Shin Yeeun and Lomon, how did you prepare for the roles of the shooting athlete Chanmi and the kickboxer Sooheon, respectively?

Shi Yeeun: At first, I questioned myself – can I pull this off? Because my physique is not quite that of an athlete and I didn’t feel I was in good shape. So, I started off with not just training for shooting but with other workouts because the gun was actually quite heavy. There’s that reverb that I have to withstand. To have a sound posture I would walk around with dumbbells and when I had a day off I spent all day at the shooting center. Thankfully the coaches really helped me out and rooted for me so I think I did quite well. I now have total pride in being a good shooter.

Lomon: Sooheon is a really good kickboxer – he’s almost like a professional. I poured most time and effort into prepping for the action scenes before we began shooting. Months before, I went to this action school three to four times every week. At first the steps and punches seemed off, so I went to Han River very early in the morning with a beanie on and practiced my steps and punches. Because the keyword for this show is revenge on behalf of others, I wanted to give that kickass, refreshing vibe so I bulked up too. I weight-trained every day for an hour and a half or two hours.

Photo courtesy of Disney+

What do you think is something not to miss out on in this show?

Seo Jihoon: Of the teen shows, nothing is as provocative as this one, I believe. That in and of itself is going to be fun, and there are so many twists and turns. I bet you’ll be pulled in by the narrative.

Chung Subin: We’ve already said this a few times but the backstories of each of the characters are also layers that add so much more to the main narrative. I think the viewers are definitely going to enjoy the diversity of characters and their backstories.

Lee Soomin: Just looking at my friends I can tell that people nowadays love fast-paced shows. Revenge of Others is really fast-paced so there is no boring moment and it is so immersive. I’m sure you guys are going to love watching it.

Shi Yeeun, you’re known for your cheerful and bubbly roles in the past, How did you get into this role and what was most challenging in doing so?

Shi Yeeun: I did take on many bubbly, cheerful roles, and I wanted to try out a genre work for once. I have a cheerful side but I also have a chic, cool-headed side to me too, I think. I wanted to show that side of me through a character. As I was getting into the Chanmi character, I wanted to show you the most natural, un-styled version of myself. I didn’t put on any makeup. When my dark circles became so evident my makeup professional would be like, “I have to cover up your dark circles!” But I told her that it’s alright because Chanmi is losing sleep and she’s so on edge to track down the murderer. I wanted to be seen that way so I went for the most natural look possible. Some viewers may think, “Who is that? Is that really Shin Yeeun?” Yes, it’s me! If people ask those questions, I guess I’ve succeeded in getting into my role.

Photo courtesy of Disney+

Lomon, after doing All of Us Are Dead, how did it feel to be in a school uniform again? And how does your character here diverge from your character in All of Us Are Dead?

Lomon:  I’m in a school uniform in this show and my last work. I think the school uniform always gives me butterflies because it’s something I can pull off only for a short period of time. It’s a precious experience for me. Soohyeok in All of Us are Dead survived running away together with his friends, but Sooheon in Revenge of Others is a lonely boy who stands up and takes the world all on his own. That’s the difference.

Revenge of Others is now streaming on Disney+! You can start watching the series when the streaming platform officially launches in the Philippines this November 17. For more information, click here.

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